The BOD Squad

Trying to piece together the “career” of the two idiots known (at least initially) as The BOD Squad a solid decade-plus after the fact has been an exercise in futility. My records weren’t particularly good in terms of dates, which was exacerbated by the fact that they feuded with the same team twice almost exactly one year apart in two completely different feds. To make matters worse some of the stuff I *do* have saved is incomplete, either because the file got corrupted or because – I think – I never got around to writing the remaining bits. Basically, they’re a hot mess.

Here’s what I remember. The original idea behind The BOD Squad was a complete and utter joke. I came up with the name when I was intentionally trying to think up dopey names for jobber wrestlers while running Golden State Wrestling. Thus were born two undersized Venice Beach muscleheads known as Marky “Rip” Peters and “Chisel” Chad Cormier. They were buff and dumb, a sort of surfer version of Laurel & Hardy masquerading as pro wrestlers. The intention was always for them to be undercard fodder. In fact, they were initially intended to never be anything more than names.

Sadly, the name kinda grew on me and since at the time I had taken my primary comedy character Devo and sort of toughened him up, I was looking for a comedy outlet. The Bodders fit the bill. I wrote the occasional segment for them for a GSW card and even roleplayed for them once out of boredom (see: Introducing The Bodders). When Fish and I shut down N.E.W.S. (following its relocation/name change from GSW) I was also in the midst of a mini hiatus with my other characters but I wasn’t ready to give the game up just yet. Enter the muscle twins. Marky and Chad headed to a non-NWC affiliated fed called Paradise Wrestling Promotions (based in Florida). They had a somewhat memorable feud with two heavies known as Guerrilla Zen which included a game of Capture The Flag masquerading as a match. They also hooked up with former NWC World Champion Trey Slater in a comedy angle surrounding them dating his wife’s twin cousins (and renaming themselves “The Slater Squad” as a show of appreciation) that near as I can tell went unresolved. Before we could finish it off PWP merged with an NWC fed (BSW) and I bailed, in part because I had specifically wanted to be in a non-NWC fed and in part because I was assisting my friend Marcus with the resurrection of the Seattle Wrestling Federation. It was a weird time.

Being me, I brought the boys over to SWF with me to resume their role as jobbers once again. They became The Norse Squad in a brief angle with Fish’s tag team Norse Code, but then SWF imploded in an ugly bit of politics and that was kind of it for a while.

Flash forward to early 2001 and the ill-fated ASE project. I had detailed plans for bringing the boys in to team with my Devo Tremors character as part of a gang war style feud with Fish’s DEFCON stable. I fleshed out close to 6 months’ worth of storyline and ASE died after two shows, so that was the end of the Squad. Or so I my memory thought.

Turns out I resurrected the Bodders in May 2001 in an English themed fed called Parliament City Wrestling where they were crowned Tag Team Champions before ever setting foot in the company. Once there they renewed acquaintances with Guerrilla Zen for the (not really) anticipated rematch. I honestly had no memory of that run until I started culling the archives.

Which brings us to August of 2002 and my return to e-wrestling in general and the (now revamped) NWC specifically. I had agreed to help out with some behind the scenes stuff running NWC:South in exchange for letting me bring in not one, not two, but THREE tag teams for a feud that I hoped would set-up my newest creation, The Warren Commission. The storyline included revamping The BOD Squad by pairing them with a sleazy agent as “Hollywood & Vine”, although they remained the same two musclebound putzes they had always been. They were ultimately going to end up as musicians in a backing band for Devo, but as usual I petered out before ever letting the story get that far. Near as I can tell they made their last appearance in a September 2002 roleplay before disappearing for good.

For a joke team that I never intended to be anything, I enjoyed a lot of what I did with them. I was always more at home writing for comedy characters than serious ones, and these two morons were particularly easy to come up with ideas for, especially since I didn’t care about (and often expressly avoided) success. They were fun.


* * * * *





~ The BOD Squad vs Casper von Tristan & Red Dragon

1999.08.21 ~ GSW: Rage
~ The BOD Squad vs The Westsiders

~The BOD Squad vs X-Factor

~ The BOD Squad vs El Matador & Jesus Callabra

1999.10.11 ~ N.E.W.S.: New Frontier
~ [ Golden Rumble ]

~ The BOD Squad vs From Heaven To Hell

~ [ Pyramid Scheme Tag Team Match ]

1999.12.28   “Introducing The Bodders”

~ The BOD Squad vs Casper von Tristan & Red Dragon

~ The BOD Squad vs Sense & Sexuality

~ The BOD Squad vs Norse Code

~ The BOD Squad & Jesus Callabra vs The Crimson Riot

~ The BOD Squad vs Alan Frost [Handicap Match]



2000.05.23e ~ PWP: Vortex
~ (backstage segment)

2000.05.26   “Monkey Strategy”

2000.05.30e ~ PWP: Vortex
~ The BOD Squad vs Guerrilla Zen [Capture The Flag Match]

2000.06.06   “Better Late Than Never”
2000.06.09   “On The Road (Again?)”

2000.06.13e ~ PWP: Vortex
~ (backstage segments)

2000.06.27e ~ PWP
~ Marky Peters vs Jett Torres

2000.07.21e ~ BSW
~ (backstage segments)


SEATTLE WRESTLING FEDERATION (August to September, 2000)

~ The Norse Squad vs The Perverse Romans

~ The Norse Squad vs Products of An American Dream


Parliament City Wrestling (May to June, 2001)

2001.05.17e ~ PCW: Gates Of Buckingham Supershow
~ (backstage & in-ring segments)

2001.05.25   “I Dream Of Butterflies”

2001.05.30e ~ PCW: Gates Of Buckingham
~ Marky Peters vs James Clark

2001.06.10   “Capturing The Past (A Video Retrospective)”
2001.06.11   “The Incomplete Cab Ride”
2001.06.13   “Suffering Suckatash”

2001.06.15e ~ PCW: Gates Of Buckingham
~ The BOD Squad © vs Guerrilla Zen


NWC:South (August to September, 2002)

2002.08.17   “In The Corner Of Hollywood & Vine”
2002.08.19   [untitled]

2002.08.26 ~ NWCS: Uprising
~ Hollywood & Vine vs Force One

2002.09.07   “Burn Hollywood Burn”

2002.09.00 ~ NWCS: Uprising
~ Hollywood & Vine vs Force One vs The Warren Commission


* * * * *