The Woof 200

I initially created the Rock In A Hard Place blog (now housed here as part of Woofamania) as a place where I could share some thoughts about the various albums that lurk within my CD collection. It was also a place where I could post my year-in-review rankings of said albums, as I am by my nature, very fond of lists.

Flash forward to sometime in late 2013 where my friend Mark (often referred to here and elsewhere as Chippy) posted a list of his top 13 songs of the year, challenging me to do the same in the process (and knowing full well there would be little-to-no crossover between us). Several hours later my own list had grown to 60 songs and I realized I was not likely to get it any shorter, as ranking individual songs was simultaneously more painful and more interesting than ranking albums. I threw the initial 60 up onto Facebook for the requisite ridicule and continued to chip away at the music I had listened to that year. I got to 100 before figuring any more would be overkill and set about releasing them as a proper countdown at Rock In A Hard Place.

As 2014 unfolded I made sure to track my favorite tunes with more detail than I had previously, so of course when the time came to post a new list 100 simply didn’t cut it and The Woof 200 was officially born. Since then I have gone back and begun work on expanding 2013 into a full 200, as well as prepping a retro-list for 2012. The process ultimately inspired me to take a stab at a true retro-list, which gave birth to The Woof 200 For 1993, a project that took nearly two years to complete. I am nothing of not thorough.

So that, my friends, is what The Woof 200 is: a yearly look at my 200 favorite songs of a given year, based solely on whatever I happened to get my grubby hands on at the time and which managed to penetrate my musical consciousness in more than a passing manner. Like all lists I create they represent little more than my own likes and dislikes, with no attempt made to discern quality from enjoyment. Enjoy them or don’t; they won’t care.

The Woof 200 For 1993
The Woof 100 For 2013
The Woof 200 For 2014
The Woof 200 For 2015
The Woof 200 For 2016


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