“Majestic” Jesse Falcone

When I first stumbled upon e-wrestling I spent an inordinate amount of time scouting various promotions (or federations, as they were more commonly referred) in order to find one I thought was worth my time. I eventually settled on the National Wrestling Council (NWC) in part because it had the best writing and in part because being an umbrella organization it provided multiple mini-feds where I felt I had a decent chance of getting in. Of course I still had zero experience with the game itself so I figured it was best to ply my trade in a lesser group first in order to work out the kinks. I’m thankful I did so because I learned to valuable lessons about character creation as well as how NOT to conduct yourself out-of-character.

The wrestler I created for that experimental run (in a promotion called HSW, which stood for something I can’t for the life of me remember) was a Canadian cruiserweight called “Majestic” Jesse Falcone. I wish I could say I just ripped off that name on a lark in an effort to just get things going but I actually spent hours dreaming it up. I went through so many permeations of other bad names before settling on that gem, which just goes to show you how uncreative my creative mind was at the time. His original character description involved wearing a hood (like a falcon, get it?). Just embarrassing on many levels.

He launched in HSW as a total white meat babyface, a borderline goody-goody who wasn’t gonna be much for trash talk, instead choosing to focus on his wrestling skill. One problem with that approach though, as the game was essentially 90% trash talk, so as a character he didn’t offer much. I ended up giving him a bit more of an edge as I worked my way through the first handful of RP’s, primarily because I myself was so disenfranchised with both the quality of my opponents and the way the fed as a whole was being run. He never really developed a consistent or discernable personality as a result and when I eventually threw in the towel with HSW (via a ridiculously immature resignation email that belied my status as a 27 year old “adult”) I put the Falcone character to rest.

About three months later myself and my buddy Fish (who had been right there with me during the HSW fiasco) found ourselves suddenly running our own fed I dragged Falcone out of mothballs to serve as sort of a jobber-to-the-stars. I RP’d a couple of times for him just to give the impression that he was a real character, but in essence he was just a tool to give matches to new characters or ones Fish and I didn’t have a legit match-up for on a given show. Over the years I created a number of characters that fit a similar mold and in truth I ended up having far more fun running these jobbers and side-projects than I did with most of my “legit” characters. Falcone though remained sort of a bland enigma, as evidenced by the handful of RP’s I managed to scrape together for him even during his NWC run.

As he was my first character I did a pretty shit job of tracking just exactly what I wrote for him in those early days. My files mostly list his stuff as “Falcone #1, Falcone #2” without any actual dates attached (for some reason I have dates for a couple of the middle ones), whereas with all of my subsequent writing I was pretty anal about recording the date (and title, where applicable). This wouldn’t be that big of a deal since they were numbered, except that some of the sequence is missing and the RP marked “01” was very clearly from near the end of my time in HSW. I’ve tried to reorder them as best as I can chronologically based on the content, but it’s a bit of crapshoot. I also didn’t track what matches I was involved in, so what follows is more or less a stab in the dark at what I *think* my matches were based on the RP’s themselves. I know this is most likely meaningless to anybody who happens to stumble upon reading this garbage (and trust me, most of it is), but it’s giving my OCD *fits*.

By the way, the writing for Mr. Falcone is among my worst. I was in love with excessive comma usage for one thing (a problem I still struggle with) while my “good guy smacktalk” was some especially weak sauce. I’d ditch them altogether if it wasn’t for the fact that they provide a good example of how much better I got as time went by. Not that any subsequent characters produced Hemmingway-level prose, but at least they stayed on point to a better degree.

Below are his roster “stats”, which were the basic info needed so that the other guys in the fed knew who the hell your character was and so whoever ended up writing the matches had a base to work from in terms of his wrestling style. Below that is his match and RP history, such as I could cobble it together.

* * * * *



Height: 6’4″
Weight: 220 lbs.
DOB: 8/26/72
Hometown: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Theme Music: “Flying High Again” by Ozzy Osbourne

Physical Description: Jesse is a lanky fella with particularly long arms and somewhat muscular legs. His build is less than impressive as his body is more the result of good cardiovascular work rather than heavy weightlifting, but while he lacks classic “muscle” definition, his body is well proportioned. He has nappy, black hair which hangs down to just below the collar and long, black sideburns which connect to his moustache at either side of his mouth. His eyes are a dark brown. A pair of maroon full-length tights are all Jesse wears while wrestling. This includes boots, as he wrestles barefoot. He comes to the ring in a black Falconer’s hood which has a black, mesh screen around the eyes that allows him to see his way while walking to ringside. He removes the hood before wrestling. He will also occasionally wear a black vest to the ring, as well as the rare t-shirt.

Gimmick/Attitude: A bit of a country boy from Midwestern Canada, Jesse is an all-round good guy, although he is not nearly as naive as he sometimes makes himself out to be. He’s a showman first and foremost, who loves to give the fans a good show with his spectacular aerial techniques. While he prefers to wrestle within the rules, he’s not afraid to mix it up when necessary. Either way, he’s a good guy who just wants to do well and enjoy his work. Known for putting on spectacular matches, his career has so far been derailed by an overall lack of charisma, a fact he doesn’t seem too concerned about.

Wrestling Style: Another in the traditional “high flying” cruiserweight mold, Jesse is an accomplished performer who combines exceptional grace with tremendous athleticism. If he has one flaw within the ring it’s his preference for the high spot over the logical move. Some might call it inexperience but Jesse will tell you that “that’s just the way I like to work”. He’s not too versed in traditional amateur wrestling so he doesn’t work well when forced to the mat, and is often referred to as being a “spot wrestler”.

Signature Moves/Holds:
1. Armdrag Takedown
2. Spinning Leg Sweep
3. Backslide
4. Superfly Splash
5. Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors
6. Standing Dropkick
7. Leapfrog into a Back Elbow
8. Senton Bomb
9. “Divebomb” (missile dropkick)

Finisher: “Talon Launch” – a top rope corkscrew back elbow

* * * * *


HSW (March to April, 1999)

1999.03.05e ~ Falcone RP#2
1999.03.07e ~ Falcone RP#3

1999.03.11e ~ HSW: Breakdown
~ [Battle Royal]

1999.03.12e ~ FalconeRP#4
1999.03.14 ~ “Hardcore Equals Hardtime”

1999.03.18 ~ HSW: Breakdown
Jesse Falcone vs ManChild vs Q [Hardcore Match for the inaugural HSW Hardcore Title]

1999.03.21 ~ “A Tongue Lashing From G.I. Joke?”
1999.03.23e ~ Falcone RP#1*

1999.03.25e ~ HSW: Breakdown
Jesse Falcone & Cut Throat vs Baggs & Blair(?)

1999.03.28e ~ Falcone RP#8
1999.03.30e ~ Falcone RP#10
1999.04.06 ~ Falcone RP#11

1999.04.06e ~ HSW: Breakdown
Jesse Falcone vs Cut Throat [HSW World Title Tournament First Round]



1999.07.27 ~ Falcone RP#12

1999.08.04 ~ Falcone RP#13

1999.09.17 ~ Falcone RP#14

1999.10.06 ~ Falcone RP#15

* * * * *