The Morality Underground Movement was my first venture into the world of tag team e-wrestling. Once I started having a little bit of success with Devo over in HIW I decided I needed another outlet that would be in a different vein than the comedy of Deev. Something a little more serious. I created M.U.M. as a team of two total ass-kickers with a non-religious/anti-porn/pro-morality agenda that included using violence as a main method of “convincing” those who stood in their way. I might point at that M.U.M. debuted in April of 1999, a good YEAR before the RTC popped in the WWF, once again proving that Vince McMahon occassionaly steals from me. BASTARD!

Anyway, I had a pretty good deal of success with M.U.M. over in GCW, including a run as NWC World Tag Team Champions (winning the belts off Defcon 1, handled by roommate – BOOYAH!). I took them out of commission for a short bit as I had a full plate of responsibility having just become fedhead for GSW. After a short stint in TPW (a non-NWC related fed) I agreed to have the boys return in BSW to run a feud with Town & Country. Unfortunately, due to a revolving door of fedheads the angle never got played out, although I kept the team active for a few months, eventually winning a second NWC Tag Title reign over the Demigods. By that point my NWC career was on the verge of total implosion thanks to a variety of reasons and M.U.M. self-destructed during their second title defense.

In August of 2000 I decided to kill of the character of Diego Valencia. As to why, all I can say is I wanted to eliminate the temptation to bring M.U.M. back and this seemed the best way to do it. The run in BSW had left a bad taste in my mouth and I knew my ego would someday let me get talked into bringing them back for another world title run, and that was something I didn’t want. Since then I’ve come up with a number of different angle scenarios that would bring Denton Cage back to the world of the NWC, but to date I’ve held off. Either way, M.U.M. as they once existed are dead, but they live on here. Enjoy.

* * * * *



Height: 6’7″
Weight: 275 lbs.
DOB: unknown
Hometown: The Heart of America

Theme Music: “Complaint In The System” by Savatage

Physical Appearance: This is what happens when naturally big men start working out. Denton has a very “thick” build, and his muscle is very dense. He’s not a body building freak. In fact, his muscle definition is pretty poor for someone his size. Instead, he’s just plain beefy. A defensive lineman who’s in shape, if you will. A Caucasian with brown hair, which he keeps at military length, he has no facial hair, dark brown eyes, a high forehead and a dimpled chin. Looks like a bouncer at some college-area bar. His attire is usually dominated by white with splashes of royal blue and scarlet red. He wears full length wrestling tights, with the standard assortment of boots, elbow pads and knee pads. He also tapes his wrists heavily. His body is free from tattoos or other markings.

Background: Little is known of his past. It is assumed he played football at least collegially, while rumors circulate he may have once played in the NFL or Arena League. He gives away no outward hints by way of speech habits or physical giveaways, of his true place of origin. Conventional wisdom says the Midwest somewhere, perhaps the Bible Belt, although it’s purely speculation. He claims to be acting on behalf of the “movement”, and although it’s unknown how large it may be, it is clear neither he nor his partner is in charge. They are least taking their orders from another individual. Whom that may be is a mystery. Denton is dangerous for the simple fact that he combines elements which when mixed are scary: he’s big; he’s strong; he’s angry; and he’s got a cause, which is perhaps his most dangerous trait.

Gimmick/Attitude: Denton is a no-nonsense type of guy. Both he and his partner are steadfastly determined to clean up the sport of wrestling. A strong sense of morality is their pillar of strength. Sadly, their approach is so unforgiving and violent that they leave little room for interpretation. You and I might call them extremists, or fanatics. They feel as though professional wrestling is largely to blame for the decline of the moral fabric of America. They find the overtly sexual antics of many of today’s stars to be repulsive and reprehensible. As a result, they will set out to destroy anyone who they feel is of questionable moral fiber. Yet for some reason, they are strongly in favor of the use of violence as a means for achieving their goals. Consequently, they have no true religious ties and in fact look down upon Christianity as being “too lenient”. Their style is one of blitzkrieg – destroy all in your path and leave nothing to chance.

Signature Moves/Holds: 1) Front Facelock; 2) Powerbomb; 3) Belly-to-Back Suplex; 4) Reverse Chinlock; 5) Running Clothesline; 6) Backbreaker; 7) Atomic Drop; 8) Bulldog; 9) Repetitive Kneelifts; 10) Guillotine Legdrop; 11) Running Powerslam.

Finisher: “Shock To The System” – Denton grabs his opponent in a extremely tight bear hug, with the victim over his right shoulder. After cinching in the move for a minute or so, he drives the opponent into the mat, putting all his weight behind his massive shoulder.



Height: 6’2″
Weight: 235 lbs.
DOB: unknown
Hometown: The Heart of America

Theme Music: “Complaint In The System” by Savatage

Physical Appearance: Like many luchadores, Diego is relatively skinny, and more “athletic” than muscular, although he appears to be bulking up. He’s of Puerto Rican heritage and as such is somewhat dark skinned. He has black hair which he also keeps at military length, and has no facial hair. His eyes are black and wide (for a Latino) and he has a small scar under his left eye. His face is narrow. His body is lanky and there is a solid black scar/marking on his left shoulder which seems to indicate he at one time had a tattoo but has since had it removed in a rather unprofessional manner. His attire is similar to that of his partner, Denton. Dominated by white with splashes of royal blue and scarlet red. He too wears knee and elbow pads, although he wears legless “trunks” rather than “tights”.

Background: Like his partner, his past is shrouded in mystery, although it’s pretty clear he originated from California. He speaks without an accent, but carries a sort of “LA attitude”. His luchadore stylings suggest a lengthy wrestling background, while his “over the top” insanity also suggests that he is less a student of the sport today as he may once have been. He has absolutely no regard for his own safety, and in fact seems to relish in opportunities to take on bigger, stronger opponents. It is clear he carries a large chip on his shoulder. Diego is also the proud owner of an almost limitless supply of energy. He is constantly wound up and ready to explode. When he wrestles, he is nearly a blur of swinging legs and arms, and is constantly on the go.

Gimmick/Attitude: It is less clear with Diego as to his role within the so-called “movement”. In fact, his motivation for being involved could be considered questionable. It seems he’s there more for the opportunity to punish, rather than to further the cause itself. Either way, he is a lethal combination of speed and attitude. His partner, Denton, is about as close to having control over Diego as is possible. Diego is more likely to go against “orders” than is Denton, but still remains enough in check to be a valuable asset to the cause.

Signature Moves/Holds: 1) Spinning Heel Kick; 2) Standing Dropkick; 3) Hurricarana; 4) Planchas, planchas, and more planchas; 5) Senton Bomb; 6) Armdrag Takedown; 7) Back Body Drop; 8) Flying Knee from the turnbuckle; 9) Karate Chops to the chest; 10) Trapezias Nerve Pinch.

Finisher: “The Uprising” – A back handspring into a flying head scissors.

* * * * *



1999/04/03 ~ M.U.M.’s The Word
1999/04/06 ~ Enter The Movement

~ M.U.M. vs The Russian Ring Masters

1999/04/22 ~ Den Of Depravity

~ M.U.M. vs Allied Forces vs Blud N’ Gutz vs The Glam Boys

1999/04/29 ~ Inside The Mind of Madness

~ M.U.M. vs The Glam Boys

1999/05/18 ~ [title unknown]
1999/05/20 ~ [title unknown]

~ M.U.M. vs The American Shooters

1999/05/27 ~ [title unknown]
1999/05/28 ~ [title unknown]

~ M.U.M. vs Carnality

1999/06/02 ~ [title unknown]
1999/06/03 ~ [title unknown]

~ M.U.M. vs The Glam Boys vs The TTF Syndicate

1999/06/10 ~ [title unknown]

~ Denton Cage vs Vatch Indesson

1999/06/15 ~ [title unknown]

~ M.U.M. vs Vatch Indesson/Hunter Sabuani

1999/07/12 ~ Introductions Are In Order
1999/07/13 ~ We’re Not Worthy
1999/07/14 ~ Name Drops Keep Falling On My Head
1999/07/16 ~ Waiting For The Anger To Subside

~ M.U.M. vs DEFCON 1 ©

1999/07/27 ~ Little Shop of Perverts
1999/07/28 ~ Leaving On A Jet Plane
1999/07/30 ~ [title unknown]

~ M.U.M. © vs Divine Justice

1999/07/31 ~ Burning Down The House
1999/07/31 ~ And So It Begins… [w/ The Perverse Romans]

~ M.U.M. © vs The Perverse Romans

1999/08/04 ~ No Poetry
1999/08/05 ~ The Shadow Knows?
1999/08/06 ~ Novel Awakenings
1999/08/08 ~ Poor Tactics
1999/08/09 ~ Forgive Us Father
1999/08/10 ~ Offering Salvation
1999/08/10 ~ Waiting On Belief
1999/08/12 ~ Resistance Is Futile
1999/08/14 ~ Repetition Hurts

~ M.U.M. © vs Arcadia 2 Abyss

~ [Tag Team Gold Rush Match]



1999/11/03 ~ [title unknown]
1999/11/12 ~ [title unknown]
1999/11/13 ~ [title unknown]

~ M.U.M. vs Dastardly By Design


BLUEGRASS STATE WRESTLING (February to April, 2000)

2000/02/23 ~ [title unknown]
2000/02/25 ~ “C” Is For Cookie

~ M.U.M. vs Town & Country

~ M.U.M. vs Purgatory ©

2000/03/06 ~ [title unknown]
2000/03/07 ~ Nope. Still Just A Ring.

~ M.U.M. © vs Genetic Perfection vs The Gunz Brothers vs The Hellhounds vs Purgatory vs Sex & Violence vs Team S.W.A.T. vs Team Zero vs Town & Country

2000/03/27 ~ [title unknown]
2000/03/29 ~ Yeah, And?
2000/03/30 ~ What is this “kayfabe” you speak of?

~ M.U.M. vs The Demigods ©

2000/04/07 ~ Heads or Tails or Heads IN Tails
2000/04/10 ~ [title unknown]
2000/04/11 ~ [title unknown]

~ M.U.M. © vs Total Annihilation vs The Westsiders

2000/04/20 ~ Time Ain’t On Your Side

~ M.U.M. © vs Jon Atlas/Tony Pride vs Dead Laughing


2000/08/04 ~ Diego Valencia Obituary

* * * * *