The Unloved Ones

THE WOOF 200 FOR 1993


Last time we covered some category themed Honorable Mentions for genres I didn’t think were gonna be well represented on the overall Woof 200. Now it’s time to hit some artists who generally fall under the more generic rock (or pop) umbrellas but for whom I was unable to carve out room on the final list. I could easily make a case for most of these somewhere on the 200, but at the end of the day sacrifices had to be made and these babies just didn’t have the mustard to muscle their way on.

So here we go, the absolute, honest-to-God, I mean in this time, one and only, final and forever etched in digital stone, PENULTIMATE list of songs from 1993 that I liked, but not enough to actually write full reviews for!

(Presented alphabetically in deference to the potentially hurt feelings of the artists who will never see this list)

700 Miles – “Messages” (murky grunge from back when that was still a novelty)

AC/DC – “Big Gun” (soundtrack tune and their last decent one before the bottom fell out)

Bryan Adams – “Please Forgive Me” (I’m a sucker for Bryan Adams ballads, even if this is little more than “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” part 2)

Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart & Sting – “All For Love” (three big names team up for the movie theme to that shitty Kiefer Sutherland version of The Three Musketeers; song hasn’t aged well either, but I liked it well enough back in the day)

Alice In Chains – “What The Hell Have I” (from the same soundtrack as AC/DC and a hidden AIC gem)

The Almighty – “Addiction” (British metal with a heavy Seattle influence; thick n’ grimy)

Arcade – “Dancin’ With The Angels” (ex-Ratt singer’s attempt to toughen up for the 90’s while remaining melodic; this album was well represented on the initial countdown, but now this is all that remains)

Badlands – “Sun Red Sun” (from an album recorded in ’93 right before the band broke up; unreleased until ’98 or so; criminally underrated blues metal act)

Better Than Ezra – “Good” (to be honest, this hasn’t aged well; or perhaps it was never very… good?)

Butthole Surfers – “Who Was In My Room Last Night?” (stuff like this and The Melvins was totally lost on me back in ’93, but in retrospect I’m starting to appreciate their sludgy genius)

Candlebox – “Cover Me” and “You” (the Nickelback of the 90’s!; everybody hated on them for riding the Seattle scene coattails and because they were signed to Madonna’s vanity label, but I never thought they were trying to sound like Nirvana to begin with)

Mariah Carey – “Hero” (the last Mariah album I paid any attention to and even then barely; I like divas who belt, what can I say)

Circus Of Power – “Shine” (these guys usually deliver heavy duty biker rock, like Steppenwolf on steroids, but this one’s more of a slow plodder; guest vocal appearance by The Cult’s Ian Astbury)

Clannad – “I Will Find You” (I almost can’t take this beautiful song seriously given it’s the love theme to “Last Of The Mohicans” and its title is a direct take on Daniel Day Lewis’ comically cheesy line from said movie, but alas, the song is awesome)

Crash Test Dummies – “Mmm Mmm Mmm” (add to the “hasn’t aged well” pile for me, but it was an oddball hit at the time and I listened to it a lot back then, so…)

Crowded House – “Fingers Of Love” (mildly surprised how much I enjoyed this album in 2015 having never listened to it in1993; dig this atmospheric album track)

Dandelion – “In My Room” (the first and most obvious of Nirvana rip-off acts; I like this noisy whinefest for reasons I can’t articulate)

Deep Purple – “The Battle Rages On” (I maintain a healthy soft spot for this band of heavy metal forefathers; this title track from the ’93 reunion album is one of the reasons why)

Dig – “Believe” (somewhere between Nirvana and Soul Asylum is this song and video)

Brad Gillis – “Honest To God” (from the solo album of the former Night Ranger guitarist, but featuring vocals from Gregg Allman, which basically makes it sound like an Allman Bros. track)

Heart – “Back On Black II” (this album died a pretty quick death coming out as it did in the middle of a musical revolution; grittier than 80’s Heart, but still too slick for the new era; dig the Barracuda-ish riff)

INXS – “Freedom Deep” (never got into INXS outside of the Kick album, but this song has the kind of uplifting vibe that I always fall prey to)

Mick Jagger – “Out Of Focus” (another artists whose reputation outweighs my enjoyment of his work, but I dig the funtime bounce of this one)

The Lemonheads – “Into Your Arms” (catchy slacker rock from the locals)

Little Angels – “Too Much Too Young” and  “Sail Away” (pair of tunes from this UK pub rock band that were basically Thunder Jr.; never made a dent in the US)

Lynyrd Skynyrd – “Good Lovin’s Hard To Find” (classic Skynyrd sound even if little brother’s vocals were never quite up to snuff in my book)

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – “Someday I Suppose” (my first exposure to Boston’s ska fanatics so it’s got nostalgia going for it; one of my friend Steve’s favorite bands, but I’m still trying to “get it”)

Vince Neil – “Look In Her Eyes” (the Crue’s singer goes solo and actually puts out a kickass record in ’93; too bad it was completely out of style when it hit; Steve Stevens’ rips it up on guitar here)

Liz Phair – “Never Said” (the female answer to Curt Cobain? I dunno, that’s what I hear)

The Pogues – “Tuesday Morning” (their sound is a little thin for my normal tastes, but this is good tune)

Porno For Pyros – “Pets” (Perry Farrell has never been my thing, but this quirky little number wore down my defenses after awhile; some tasty guitar here)

Primus – “My Name Is Mud” (talk about a band that I need to be in the mood for; offbeat for sure, but that bassline is hard to shake; plus Les Claypool kills me in this video)

Raging Slab – “Take A Hold” (lot of bands surfaced in ’93 that clearly had an Allman Brothers fetish and these guys were among the better ones)

Joe Satriani – “Time Machine” (perhaps my favorite guitarist of all time; even his throwaway tracks are amazing)

Scorpions – “Alien Nation” (the album stiffed, but the Scorps could still rock; love the evil riff)

George Thorogood & The Destroyers – “Get A Haircut” (classic Thorogood which only misses the cut due to its somewhat formulaic existence #lookingforexcuses)

Toto – “Gypsy Train” (from the most guitar-centric Toto album of their catalogue; feels more like a Steve Lukather solo project – not that that’s a bad thing)

Triumph – “Troublemaker” (Canadian hard rockers delivered their heaviest album as their last one thanks to a new guitarist)

Paul Weller – “Sunflower” and “Wild Wood” (not sure why I never got into Weller’s other stuff, given my affinity for Steve Winwood, but this album is all I ever knew of him)

“Weird Al” Yankovic – “Bedrock Anthem” (one of Al’s weaker efforts overall, but I loved his meshing of the two Chili Peppers’ songs into one Flintstones homage)

There they are, the unloved masses of 1993 (at least by me). Good tunes all, each lacking a little something that put them over the top with me and demanded a spot on the Woof 200. Next time: the countdown starts for real.



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