Redline – Vice



Released: September 25, 2012, by Escape Music


Straight-up 80’s metal delivered in the year 2012, Redline play it right down the middle with their Dio-meets-Priest sound. Vocalist Kez Taylor reminds me of a cross between Tony Martin and Lizzy Borden (the singer, not the axe murderer), while the music itself carries a slight whiff of Eurometal. The guitars don’t blow you away with burning musicianship, but the riffs are solid and they really play service to the songs. Everything is cleanly recorded and delivered with a sincerity that this kind of stuff doesn’t always carry. At times throughout the disc I hear strains of Dokken, Vandenburg, and even early Queensryche, but heavier than all three. And yet through it all the record never sounds all that dated. Yes, the chosen style isn’t in vogue these days, but it’s being presented in a way that makes it feel fresh. It doesn’t come across as a new generation of musicians trying to emulate their heroes, but rather a band of the era just chugging along and doing their thing. Which given the band photos I’ve seen, might not be far off the mark (translation: they ain’t young). Solid, workman-like heavy metal that doesn’t take chances but doesn’t grate on you with a need to be unique. I’m betting these guys were once a hell of a cover band.


PRO-2, VOC-1, MUS-2, SNG-1, MISC-1




  1. Battle Cry
  2. King Of The Mountain
  3. Black Sky
  4. No Limits
  5. Twisting The Knife
  6. Cold Silence
  7. High Price To Pay
  8. The Edge Of Falling
  9. Some Kinda Mean
  10. We Came To Rock
  11. Heaven’s Gate



Kez Taylor (V), Ade Yeomans (LG), Steve Petty (RG), Steve Hill (B), Mark Biddiscombe (D)


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