Casablanca – Apocalyptic Youth


Released on March 16, 2012 by Rocket Songs




Swedish sleaze rock. It’s a thing, you see. Now if, like me, you long for the days of hair bands and power ballads and songs that were made to be played in strip clubs, well Scandanvia might be the place to move to. Casablanca are one of a growing legion of bands from overseas who are recreating the late 80’s in grand style. Of course the results are often hit-and-miss, generally depending on how well the vocalist can master the english language in both lyrical styling and vocal delivery. When they do, like in this case, the results can be fantastic, as the attitude and energy makes this style of music vital and alive even if it’s unoriginal and unfashionable. The problem for me then becomes that there seems to be a great deal of it these days, so having a band or an album rise above the the sheer volume of releases is kind of rare. This album does that and the key is the songs. With Apocalyptic Youth, Casablanca provides more variaton than a lot of their bretheren. The guitars can get raunchy at times, but at others they strip back and play a more polished early 80’s style, letting the song take over rather than shredding for the sake of shredding. The melodies are really quite good and from track-to-track I just get this sense that the band put an emphasis on making each song matter rather than just rocking out. “Love And Desperation” for instance has a late 70’s Scorpions gallop to it that I didn’t expect but which at the same doesn’t sound out of place. The guitar work in general is tasteful even when it’s blazing. These are guys who don’t just want to jam out in a bar while they dream dellusions of filling stadiums. They like to write and play songs and it shows. If this had come out in 1985 it might have been huge, as the choruses are catchy and the vibe is just right for the decade of excess. Instead it will go criminally unappreciated except by those like me who seek this sound out. Which is good enough, I guess, given some of the alternatives.


PRO-1, VOC-2, MUS-2, SNG-2, MISC-2




  1. Apocalyptic Youth
  2. Deliberately Wasted
  3. Downtown
  4. The Juggler
  5. Rich Girl
  6. Love And Desperation
  7. Secret Agents Of Lust
  8. Beast Of Summer
  9. Last Of The Rockstars
  10. A Lifetime On The Run



Anders Ljung (V), Ryan Roxie (G), Erik Stenemo (G), Mats Rubarth (B), Josephine Forsman (D)


Produced by Chris Laney



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