Bullet – Full Pull


Released on September 25, 2012 by Nuclear Blast Records




AC/DC by way of Britny Fox. I can get behind the energy and the maximum riffage, but man those vocals grate on me after a few songs. I actually thought the first song was a joke until I realized that was actually the way the guy was gonna sing. Anyway, the music is solid and the songs are of a genre that aren’t going to reinvent the wheel or make you question your place in the world, but therein lies the problem: if you’re just going to offer up beefed-up bar rock then I can get that from a thousand other places without having to listen the “Udo Dirkschneider after an all-night bender” vocals.


PRO-1, VOC-0, MUS-2, SNG-1, MISC-0




  1. Midnight Oil
  2. Full Pull
  3. Running Away
  4. All Fired Up
  5. Rolling Home
  6. In The Heat
  7. High On The Hog
  8. Rush Hour
  9. Freeriding
  10. Gutterview
  11. Warriors
  12. Get On



Dag Hell Hofer – Vocals

Erik Almström – Guitar

Hampus Klang – Guitar

Adam Hector – Bass

Gustav Hjortsjö – Drums



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