Black Tora – Raise Your Fists


Released on August 23, 2012 (independent)




Old school 80’s metal with absolutely scorching guitars and breakneck energy (“Never Enough” comes roaring out of the gate with a deathwish) that does my retro loving heart good. Well produced for a debut EP to boot. These guys give me a debut-album Skid Row vibe, just announcing their presence with total hard rock authority. The knocks are that, well, it’s an EP, and 5 tracks at 20 minutes total is a tease. Plus the vocals occasionally suffer from not having an extra gear to go too (I may be nitpicking). Seriously psyched for a full length (now due in late ’14).


PRO-2, VOC-1, MUS-2, SNG-2, MISC-0




  1. Never Enough
  2. She Drives Me Crazy
  3. Shadows Of The Night
  4. Raise Your Fists
  5. Wild Child



Chris Daniel – Vocals, Bass

Razor Dave – Guitars

Nicky X – Drums




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