Road Tripping To Dripping Springs

We drove for 64 hours and 44 minutes, covering 3997.3 miles (including 20 in the wrong direction) across 11 states on 12 tanks of gas. We were nearly run off the road once, cut-off at high speed by the same car twice over an hour apart, and nearly rear-ended by an eighteen-wheeler at least a dozen times. We made an ill-advised stop in Memphis, almost got stranded in Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania, and took an unplanned trip through New York City at rush hour. We listened to 863 songs out of a possible 5062 stored on my iPod. We hauled two boxes of Legos, three boxes of baseball cards, and a custom made toy box made to look like a caboose that my father hand-made for me one Christmas. We slept on 5 different beds over the course of 6 nights in places called Kingsport, Sulpher Springs, Mesquite, and Bull’s Gap. We passed 155 McDonald’s and 32 Dunkin’ Donuts (yes, we counted), and only ate at the Golden Arches once (an emergency stop). We enjoyed Texas BBQ and mom’s homemade tomato sauce. We met new family, got reintroduced to old family, and partied with them all on the picturesque Texas hillside. There were nieces and a nephew, aunts and uncles, numerous cousins, a grand-niece, and a grand-nephew who stole my ladies’ heart with his look of forever determination. We got to see some family fences begin to be mended and took some photos I didn’t think were possible. We got to spend time with my brother, who made us laugh constantly, especially when he was dealing with my dad. We got to see my sister in love, and my sister-in-law smile (a true gift given where she was nearly a year ago). We watched as wonderful people celebrated my father and his 80 years of life while my mother bathed in the rays of his eternal smile. And best of all I got to do the whole thing with the woman who I waited patiently for 41 years to enter my life. There were 0 fights, 0 arguments, and 0 disagreements. The only tears were shed because we had to leave (didn’t even make it back to the main road). For 7 days and 4000 miles we talked, laughed, smiled, and sang. We started with Queen’s “A Kind Of Magic” and ended with Edwin McCain’s “A Beautiful Life”, which is appropriate, because it was a trip that was both magical and beautiful. Thanks to everyone who made it possible. I am too blessed for words. #RoadTrippinToDrippin


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