Threshold – March Of Progress



Released on September 11, 2012 by Nuclear Blast

It irritates my rock know-it-all sensibility when I discover a band in 2012 that released its first album in 1993 and has been steadily producing ever since. How does a group with that kind of track record fall off my radar? But I guess that’s the reason major labels are called major labels and minor labels are not. It’s staggering the amount of music (good or not) that gets released each year that the vast majority of the world never hears. Threshold are a prog rock band (bordering on prog metal, depending on how you calibrate your own particular scale) the specialize in Dream Theater-ish long passages and dexterous musicianship. Not being a musician, I can’t really say where they slot in that regard, though it all sounds good to me (as in, they sound talented). This album represents the return of original vocalist Damian Wilson after the departure of longtime lead throat Andrew McDermott, but as this is my first taste of the band I can’t really offer a good/bad assessment of the change. For my money Wilson has a nice, easy delivery, less prone to the metal wailing of DT’s James LaBrie although consequently a little less interesting. At times when he pushes his range he actually sounds strangely like Tom Jones (yes, the lounge singer), which believe or not works in the context of the compositions. Lots of tasty guitar work is to be found herein and the keyboards don’t get in the way as often as other groups (DT again). I’m a tad bummed that I came to the party so late on these guys because it’s going to take a Herculean effort to assimilate their back catalogue (and time which honesty, I don’t have) and really shape an appreciation for them. I like what I hear on this album, so I’m going to make an effort to keep it in rotation, but there is quite possibly a better band and album here than I’m about to give them credit for.

Featured tracks: “Staring At The Sun“, “Ashes“, “Don’t Look Down

PRO-2, VOC-1, MUS-2, SNG-1, MIS-1     TOTAL-7



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