The Dirty Pearls – Whether You Like It Or Not



Released on October 16, 2012 by Rivington Records

The debut full-length from this New York quintet is, for me, the catchiest album of the year, a string of songs that makes me want to sing along even though I barely know the words. Every track is just pure pop genius, dirty with guitar and infinitely singable, the kind that makes you repeatedly think, “okay THIS will be the hit single… no THIS one…”. It’s a thoroughly modern record in the vein of Jet or the White Stripes, but loaded with a sort of British Invasion ethic; harmonies prominent and rhythms to die for. It’s probably a sacrilege (and a lot of hyperbole) to say this, but I listen to this record and think to myself, “this is what The Beatles must have been like before they broke big”. It’s that infectious. Of course the modern production amps things up a bit, and as a sound it’s not quite as grimy as those early Beatles recordings from Germany, but the vibe is right there. The whole package is delivered with a furious energy (10 songs and the whole thing is over in under 32 minutes), the band wasting no time by showing off, but instead just riding the songs right into you like a rock n’ roll hit n’ run where you pick yourself up afterwards and think, “wow, that didn’t hurt at all”.

Featured tracks: “Static“, “Bring On The Night“, “Caffeine & Gasoline“, “New York City Is A Drug“, “Who’s Coming Back To Who

PRO-2, VOC-2, MUS-2, SNG-2, MISC-2     TOTAL-10



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