Chasing Verity – No Back Up Plan [EP]


Released on June 4, 2014 (independent)

Debut 4 tracker from this Baltimore band is nothing earth shattering, but man I dig those guitars and that voice. Vocalist Joliana Sarro does the same thing for me that Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless does, although Joliana has more chops. Over a full album with a chance to change things up she might approach Lizzy Hale territory, which totally works for me. They list their sound as “alternative/classic rock”, which sounds about right, as you can hear the Heart influence squeezed through a 90’s filter, coming out the back end like a garagey Paramore. The chugging riff of the title track is destined to make it a hit in some alternate universe where shit like that still matters, but alas it’s not meant to be in the year 2014. Hopefully they sell enough of this baby to warrant a contract and full length follow-up, because I’d love to hear more. Until then I gotta leave this at a 7 because four songs just ain’t enough, kids.

(No studio quality videos available but you can sample the EP on iTunes)

PRO-1, VOC-2, MUS-2, SNG-1, MSC-1     TOTAL-7



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