Blog Update

When I started this blog the idea was to sift through my back catalogue of music and revisit stuff that I own, hopefully adding some new perspective to albums you may own and had forgotten about or possibly opening your ears to things you’ve never heard of before. And that’s still the goal… mostly. But the truth of the matter is, writing is kind of a pain in the ass, especially when it starts to feel like I “need” to do it just to keep this thing active (which is why it hasn’t been).

The other problem is that these days I tend to listen to nothing but new (or recent) releases and going back into the old stuff is not really what I’m in the mood for.  However I tend to jot down a lot of quick thoughts on these newer releases, so rather than let those musings rot in a Word file never to be seen, I figured I’d start propping them up here. Most of it will be stuff you’ve never heard of and often times it won’t be something I’m even recommending. Plus the writing isn’t really done with the reader in mind, but rather more just to remind me of what I thought about it after the first (or first couple) listen. Basically I’m taking the “Knee Jerk Reviews” and blowing them out en masse. Do with these thoughts what you may.

For the record these will also include my rating breakdown, which is the very unscientific way I get to my 1-10 overall rating. I basically break it down into five categories and score each as either 0, 1 or 2, giving me an overall minimum of 0 and a maximum of 10. I know, I’m a freaking math genius! I’ll also be dispensing with the full song listings and the band/production info, although I’ll still include links to a couple of key tracks.

So that’s what’s happening (this week). Be prepared to be inundated with a boatload of shorty reviews in the coming days. That should keep both of my readers busy for awhile.


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