Allgood – Uncommon Goal

Released: May 4, 1993 by A&M Records

I swear, when Stevie Ray Vaughn died about a zillion bands came crawling out of the woodwork to try and take his place, Allgood being just another in a long line. Vocalist Corky Jones sounds like a carbon-copy of the mighty SRV on tracks like “Nickel And Dime”. And all of that is fine with me, as I was around to slurp up most of those wannabes despite the fact that I never really worshipped at the altar of Vaughn himself. I think he came along a little too early in my life for me to grasp the genius of what he was up to. In the meantime, I settled for a lot of bands like this, solidly buried in those Texas-style blues (although these guys are from Georgia) but without the Hendrix-like invention. Uncommon Goal takes a more traditional approach, lightening up the guitar work compared to the more slavish imitators like Kenny Wayne Shepherd, although “Fist” rocks it pretty hard. Instead the album shuffles along, confident and leisurely, with songs like “It’s Alright” and “Them Changes” working a nice pocket groove without really demanding your full undivided attention. Gets its grade based on the fact that all seems fine, but it rarely sticks with me after I’m done playing it. File away with the likes of Widespread Panic if that whole jam-band blues is your thang. (Note: liner notes dedicate the album to aforementioned Mr. Vaughn, as if to prove my point.)


(Wouldn’t you know, outside of “It’s Alright” I couldn’t find any studio versions of the songs on YouTube, so the links below are from a fairly recent live performance as the band is now known as Allgood Music Company. It’s all I got.)


1. It’s Alright

2. Nickel And Dime

3. Deeper

4. Fist

5. With You

6. Ease On My Way

7. Mornin’

8. Time Is Gonna Bring Us A Change

9. Down Here Where I Live

10. Deadly

11. Them Changes

12. Open It Up


Corky Jones (V), John Carter (G), Clay Fuller (G), Mike Sain (B), Charlie Pruet (D)

Produced by Justin Niebank


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