700 Miles – Dirtbomb


Released on June 28, 1994 by RCA Records




I’m not really sure how this album made its way into my possession given my complete and utter indifference to the band’s first album. Record two is more of the same, a grungy sort of noise, although I can start to hear different things at play this time. Definitely a Black Sabbath-with-Ozzy vibe with some Rush-like thinking swirled into the mix, but delivered with that alternative/college work ethic (i.e. – not much of one). Maybe Faith No More without the commercial understanding. I dunno, there might be something to it all, but I find it takes too much effort for me to make the leap. I like music that grabs me right out of the shoot, not stuff that requires effort just to appreciate. In this case, the rest of the record buying world agreed with me as I don’t recall ever hearing anything about these guys and mind you I was reading every industry mag and fanzine available at the time it came out. (Note: “Unnatural” was apparently released as a single, for whatever that’s worth.)





  1. Drift
  2. Hurt You
  3. Unnatural
  4. Wire
  5. Eventide
  6. Storm
  7. Shame
  8. Wet
  9. Greedy (Eyes Ain’t Workin’)
  10. Rock Is Cool
  11. Prayer
  12. For Mema



John Carlin – Vocals, Guitar

Tom Clapp – Bass

Justin Guip – Drums


Produced by Matt Hyde



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