700 Miles – 700 Miles

Released: March 23, 1993 on RCA Records

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I was young, free, had money to burn, and was working my dream job in a record store. All around me music was cheap and available and I had nothing but time to soak it all in. The problem was that just as I was entering Valhalla they flipped the script and almost overnight the stuff I loved was kicked out the back door to be replaced by a confusing mush of “alternative”. It was the death knell for good time rock n’ roll (not to mention the near extinction of the guitar solo), musical chops suddenly being replaced by flannel worn “angst” and “integrity”, as if somehow playing sloppy meant you had more heart. And man, were the mid-90’s ever swamped with stuff like this. Call it grunge if you need, to me it’s just a thick morass of sound that only occasionally allows itself to morph into something resembling a song. I get a little bit of a Buffalo Tom vibe from this one, although without the brightness. Instead it’s just a dour sludge of distorted guitars and agonized vocals. I give it a spin every now and then just to see if something will jump up and make a case for me having missed out on something special, but all that ever seems to rise above the din is the track “Messages”, which is catchy almost in spite of itself. I’m sure there’s a lot of talent on display here, it’s just not used in a way that makes me want to listen. So yeah, I wasn’t a big fan of what happened back in 1993, in case that picture was exactly clear.



1. Rachel

2. Marry Me

3. Messages

4. Weighting Down

5. Cherish This

6. Let Me Out

7. The Way It Should Be

8. Lullaby

9. The Killing Pain

10. Watershed


John Carlin (V,G), Tom Clapp (B), Justin Guip (D)

Produced by Louis Scalise and 700 Miles


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