Top 100 Songs of 2013 (Introduction)

A few days after the turn of the New Year’s calendar I sat down one night and began to piece together a list of my favorite albums of 2013. As I love lists and rankings it was the kind of the project that appealed greatly to me, which is why I did it last year and why, essentially, this blog exists. In doing that prep work I dropped myself into a YouTube wormhole and soon after decided that it might be fun to try and do a top songs list as well, something I had never done with any seriousness before. I figured a top 25 would suffice and began to compile video links to go along with it. I got to 60 before I finally decided to throw in the towel and start posting what I had already assembled. It was, in part, the feedback from that list that led me to finally get off my butt and open the blog.

Since then I’ve gone back to weeding through 2013 to work on the top albums list, which generally means listening to a great number of fringe albums that I had only given one or two cursory listens to up till that point. In doing so I naturally stumbled upon a number of great individual tracks that belonged on my top song list, including a few that would have easily cracked my top 50 had I given it more thought at the time. So after another month of tinkering I’ve pushed my list up to over a hundred songs and could easily keep going. I figured that was probably a sane place to stop though, so here we are.

As before, this list is pretty fluid, with a number of songs from the original top 60 sliding up and down over the past thirty days. Ask me again in another month and I’m sure there would be plenty more changes. There are also a bunch of albums that I loved this year which won’t even be represented on this list because I could never seem to single out a particular track to highlight (Black Sabbath’s 13 comes to mind, as it is among my top 10 albums but goes without a song in the top 100). The top half of the list (100-50) is pretty loaded with metal and heavier rock tracks whereas the top 50 tends to include more pop and, for lack of a better term, songwriter-ish stuff. I find with heavier music I generally enjoy albums over songs. Do with that info what you will. Otherwise enjoy my Completely Temporary And Most Likely To Change Wildly In The Coming Months List Of My Top 100 Songs Of 2013.


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