Altered State – :[dōs]:


Released: October 5, 1993 by Warner Bros. Records


To be honest, I’m not sure what to make of this one. The packaging makes me think of prog bands like Dream Theater, the band shots remind me of Tool, the song titles have a punk vibe to them, and the music? Well, maybe a little of all of the above, except for the singer who sounds kinda like Robert Smith from the Cure (which would explain why I never listen to the thing) or Jeff Buckley. Seriously, it’s hard to put any real kind of label or “sounds like” to this band. They do their own thing, mixing really thoughtful prog-like song structures with more playful alternative themes and delivery (check out “Where Is Harrison Ford (?)” for an example). Call it Radiohead with a metal work ethic. As you would expect given all those names dropped above they were a bit of a critics darling and – naturally – the record failed to sell (although it did manage to be voted the #1 album of the year by the readers of Circus Magazine for reasons which escape me).

One of those albums that I will occasionally pull out of the mothballs for a listen, appreciate it while I’m doing so, but since it exists in a world of its own its damn near impossible for me to ever say, “you know what I’m in the mood for? Altered State!”. A good album to be sure, but one that’s lost on me due to its schizophrenia. (Note: the liner notes include the line “Gregory Markel is dead, he fell on his head”. Not sure what that is about as the dude is most assuredly still alive.)




1. This Just Might Take Me Down

2. I Wish It Would Rain

3. Life On A Skateboard

4. Where Is Harrison Ford (?)

5. Angst

6. Made Of Gasoline

7. Strong As I Am

8. If The World…….

9. The Waking Dream

10. Licking The V…….

11. Darkness Visible

12. Thinkin’ About Movin’ To A Catatonic State / Eureka



Gregory Markel (V,G), Curtis Mathewson (G,K), Paul Edwards (B), Chip Moreland (D), Ever Clear (various stuff)


Produced by Ben Grosse



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