Dandelion – I Think I’m Gonna Be Sick


Released: March 16, 1993 by Ruff House Records/Columbia Records


Since the first review I posted was of one of the most significant albums in my collection, it only makes sense that I go to the other end of the spectrum and pick one of the least. This is one of about a dozen reviews I wrote several years ago for albums which I never listen to. Since I’m not really a writer I figured it would be easier to work out the kinks in my style on albums that are essentially junk rather than try and find the words for stuff that actually mattered to me. Besides, it’s easier to be snarky. To wit…

This is what Nirvana hath wrought us, a series of bands who figured the surefire way to the top was to drop all pretense of musical ability and just go for brasher, angrier and punkier than the next guy. Put Dandelion at that top of that list, their sound – at least to my untrained ears – clinging more slavishly to the Cobain bandwagon than any other band I can think of. It’s all here: the distorted wall of guitar, the furiously bashed out drums, the scratchy yelping vocals, the misanthropic lyrics. Throw it all together and you get a soundscape I have no real interest in visiting. I mean, track to track it’s all one big caterwaul, most everything racing by at the same hostile pace with no real intent on rounding into anything listenable. It might help if I had a clue what they were railing against, but of course the lyrics aren’t included and what little I can decipher seems to be the same old “woe is me I’m young and bored and it’s all your fault” that was the rage in the post-Seattle 90’s. The singer sounds like the dude from Every Mother’s Nightmare gone grunge, only slowing down on a couple of occasions (and of course being pushed back in the mix when he does in order to insure we don’t enjoy any of the vocals). The sad thing is, I might be able to get behind the unbridled enthusiasm and commitment to the attitude, but seriously guys, where are the fuckin’ songs? If you’re gonna make such an obvious stab at the Nirvana carcass, at least bring some thought to the party like Everclear, or make it catchy like Puddle Of Mudd. This stuff? Miserable noise. Oh, and no last names, because that would be selling out I guess.




1) Waiting For A Ride

2) Under My Skin

3) Nothing To Say

4) Outside

5) Onion Field

6) Diggin’ A Hole

7) Thorn

8) Play That Song

9) I Can Remember

10) In My Room

11) Weight Of The World



Kevin (V), Bayen (G), Carl (G), Michael (B), Dante (D)


Produced by David M. Johnson and Dandelion.



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