Welcome to my blog, Rock In A Hard Place. What exactly is it? Glad you asked. The answer lies within this link…

The What

Now that we’re clear on what this place is, I imagine you might have some more questions. For starters who the hell am I and why should you bother to read anything I have to say about music? Well, you probably shouldn’t. But just in case, here are my credentials, such as they are…

The Who

So that’s me. Essentially. I suppose now you want to know why I’ve created this place and exactly what the purpose of it is. Fair enough…

The Why

Got the idea? Of course, in addition to reflecting back on 30+ years of collecting music, I’ll also be sharing my thoughts on new music. I’ve basically stopped buying new records since it’s cheaper to stream online, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions on what I’m listening to. So this will be a mixed bag of the old and the new, although I suspect (hope?) that the bulk of this project will involve revisiting the past and trying to make sense of it all. Not an easy task to be sure, so let’s make sure we’re clear on a few things before we begin…

The How

And there you have it. All the reasons fit to print as to who, what, why and how I came to create this blog. Reviews will be forthcoming shortly, in whatever kind of madcap order my idle brain decides to spit them out. Meanwhile, feel free to troll through my year-by-year rankings (drop-down menu is above) and tell me what an idiot I am. I’m ready for you.


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