You Were Always One Of My Favorites

Like many of my friends this morning, I am still struggling mightily with the loss of a great man. I’m finding it difficult to focus. My thoughts are constantly drifting to memories of this friend who is now gone. I keep coming to Facebook to look at pictures, read tributes, and just ceaselessly click “like” on any post that mentions my friend Hugh, as if doing so often enough will bring him back. I keep trying to think of new ways to describe just how special this man was to people who may not have known him well. This is what I keep coming back to…

I envision a neverending line of people stopping to pay their respects to Hugh’s wonderful wife Donna. And with each one, Donna pulls them close, squeezes them tight, and gently whispers into their ear, “You know, you were always one his favorites”, before moving on to the next person in line. And upon hearing it, your heart is filled with immesnse joy because that is something you’ve always wanted to believe was true.

And the amazing about Hugh is that it would be.


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