Green Apple Quick Step – Reloaded


Released on May 23, 1995 by The Medicine Label




Well any Nirvana attachments I may have applied with record one are quickly thrown out on this follow-up, the band clearly abandoning that well-worn path and deciding to do something a little more musical, no doubt the influence of Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard who co-produces this puppy. Bass player Mariann Braeden steps up to become a bigger presence vocally (she contributed mostly just background stuff on Wonderful Virus), even taking a couple of numbers by herself, sliding the record into territory similar to the Breeders if you’re looking for a comparison. Meanwhile the rest of the guys slow things down a bit and ease off the distortion for a cleaner sound that simultaneously gets a little darker (or stoned, whichever you prefer). The Sweet Water feel is still there, maybe even stronger than before, which is ironic considering that band abandoned the sound to take a stab at being the American Oasis on record #2. Here it lingers, somehow bridging 70’s classic rock to 90’s college alternative (if my musical tastes are to be trusted). Seriously, “Tangled” almost sounds like The Black Crowes, minus Chris Robinson’s sometimes annoying vocal posturing. Here in 2010 I feel like I may have missed something by not playing this more back in the day, as it’s got a lot going for it sonically. Could maybe stand to rock out a little more, but in the right mood this thing could find repeated listens in my rotation if I can only remember that it’s there to be had. But therein lies the problem, for if I don’t grab hold of something when it first enters my musical consciousness, it’s often a difficult task to get it to take years later. Either way, it’s a far better record than I ever would have given it credit for being during all those years it toiled away in the “whatever” section of my collection. Shame on me.





  1. Hotel Wisconsin
  2. Ed #5
  3. No Favors
  4. T.V. Girl
  5. Underwater
  6. Dizzy
  7. Alligator
  8. Los Vargos
  9. Tangled
  10. Lazy
  11. Space C*cksucker
  12. [uncredited]



Ty Willman – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Organ

Danny K – Guitar

Steve Ross – Guitar

Mariann Braeden – Bass, Vocals

Bob “Mink” Martin – Drums


Produced by Nick DiDia & Stone Gossard



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