ECW Hardcore TV – 7/18/95

Come for the chaos, stay for the comedy.

Date: Tuesday, July 18, 1995 (taped: 7/15/95)
Location: ECW Arena (Philadelphia, PA)

We open backstage, where Joey Styles puts over the Heat Wave event. We then get some highlights: Mikey Whipwreck hits a Frankenmikey and gets the pin over Stormin’ Norman; Hack Myers fires away at Val Puccio then cleans his clock with a chair; Axl Rotten clubs Sandman in the gut with a barbed wire baseball bat; Sandman LEAPS over the ropes onto Rotten with a cane shot, then hits a top rope legdrop on Rotten for the three; inside a steel cage, Luna beats the crap out of Stevie Richards, with the camera crew being nice enough to focus on Stevie while he blades; next up is the now infamous “Chair Shot Heard Round The World” from Tommy Dreamer to Raven as the latter is tied to the inside of the cage; some random weapon violence from the TPE vs. Gangstas match; finally we watch Rocco Rock climb to the top of the cage and launch himself off with a moonsault onto one of the Gangstas who’s on a stack of tables, but the footage freezes in mid-flight.

Opening montage.

Joey goes over a bunch of upcoming events, including the ECW debut of the Steiner Brothers. We then get footage of the opening to Heat Wave ’95, in which Bill Alphonso, who had banned the fans from the building, shows up to steal some free swag that ring announcer Bob Artese had been handing out. Commissioner Gordon shows up and challenges Fonzie to a fight. OFF COMES THE JACKET!! Fonzie gives a 10-count for Tod to leave the ring or he’ll not only shut the show down, but he’ll take the ticket money as well! Fonzie you heel! He gets to about seven before Tod just FLIES across the ring at him. The Commish gets a few licks in before a jobber brigade makes the save. They hold him back so Fonzie can make some more threats, finishing with a flourish as he suspends Tod’s promoter license and slaps him before hitting the road. Backstage Joey is all indignant that Alphonso has the nerve to enforce the rules.

(referee: Jim Molineaux)

During the introductions we can once again see Francine in the front row, so you know that’ll come into play sooner rather than later. Richards starts with the Bully and fires off with some punches that the Bully no-sells. OFF COME THE GLOVES!! Bully fires away and levels Stevie with a clothesline. In comes Allen with a double axe-handle, but Richards soon turns it around and gets a nice standing dropkick. Tag to Raven for a headbutt to the exposed mid-section (I think, as the camera guys kinda missed it) then a DDT. Cut to ringside where Stevie and Francine are making out, prompting Joey’s classic line, “I’ll be damned! Richards likes girls!”. Raven brings the Bully into the ring to DDT him as well, then he goes out to drag Stevie away from Francine. Beulah jumps onto Stevie’s admirer and we get a cat fight in the front row (for the record, it was not yet a “CAAATFIIIIIGHT!”). Meanwhile Molineaux has counted out Raven, giving Allen and the Bully the win.

Result: Bully & Allen via countout (2:11).

The belts obviously don’t change hands, and for that matter the victors don’t look too victorious, as Stevie and Raven head back inside and Stevie gives them each a superkick. Cue the Pitbulls, who come running to lay the beats on the tag champs. Roid Rage to the Rescue! They get a couple shots in but then the Dudleys make the save! Tommy Dreamer is hot on their tails and everybody just kind of pairs up and brawls all the way up the aisle. Somewhere in the chaos the Broadstreet Bully gets on the mic to demand a rematch, since you know, they just beat the champs. Raven comes flying in from out of nowhere and just DESTROYS him! They go back in the ring, but the Bully is out. DDT for the Bully anyway. Richards brings Allen in to DDT him as well. Suddenly the whole schmoz of extras comes back into the ring. I heard a bell in their somewhere, but somehow I don’t think that rematch was official. Tommy pounds on Raven and gets a HUGE DDT, and while he’s celebrating Francine rushes the ring and jumps on one of the Pitbulls’ back (ironically enough, she’ll be managing them before too long). Here comes Beulah to continue the catfight. Tommy manages to break a couple of Raven’s fingers during the chaos, issuing a sick receipt from awhile back. Big Dick Dudley and Dreamer then have a staredown and Big Dick wins that one with a big right hand. John Finnegan wins the referee lottery as he gets to wrap up Beulah and drag her to the back. Just one gigantic mess, but in that fun ECW way.

(referee: John Finnegan)

Scorpio gets a side headlock on Taz, reversed into an overhead wristock. Shoot off the ropes and a big shoulderblock by Taz puts Scorpio down. CLIP (dammit!). Eddy works a headlock on Dean, into a rear waistlock and they work some reversals for a bit into an eventual stalemate. Eddie hits his slingshot senton from the apron. CLIP. Dean drops down as Taz is running the ropes and hits a dropkick to the knee. Tag to Scorpio and he gets a second rope double legdrop on Taz’s knee. Some headbutts and a BIG forearm shot by Scorpio. Huge clotheslines follows. CLIP. Scorpio locks Taz in an STF that Taz managers to slip out of. They mat wrestle for a bit until Taz gets a Tazplex, although he’s too worn to follow up. CLIP. Massive powerbomb by Scorpio (who is putting some STINK on his moves tonight). HU-YUGE superfly splash follows it! That was BIG time air and distance. Tag to the Shooter who goes to work on the knee again. Malenko eventually drops down for a backbodydrop, but Taz kicks him in the mush and makes the tag to Eddy. They work a rapid-fire sequence in which Eddy gets a headscissor armdrag (trust me) and then a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker for two. They fight over a suplex while Paul E. massages Taz’s knee on the apron. Vertical suplex by Eddy, who then scurries up top for a frogsplash for another two-count. CLIP. Scorpio flips out of a Guerrero powerbomb attempt and gets one of his own for two before Taz breaks up the count. CLIP. Eddy reverses another powerbomb attempt into a hurricanrana for two, then tags out to Taz. Clothesline puts Scorpio down. CLIP. Taz gets Scorpio up on his shoulders and Eddy comes off the top with a dropkick. CLIP. Suddenly Dean’s in charge and he hauls Eddy up for a vertical suplex for Scorpio to come off the top with a crossbodyblock. Another two-count broken up by Taz. Dean in again, but Eddy reverses something into a victory roll and now’s its Scorpio who has to make the save. CLIP. Taz is down and Scorpio heads up for a moonsault. He nails it beautifully for two, even though *technically* Taz got his knees up on the moonsault. CLIP. Scorpio clotheslines Taz over the top and out, then follows up with a running plancha that actually takes out Paul E. instead. Malenko and Taz get into on the outside and Eddy slips coming off the top rope trying to fly onto Malenko, although we don’t see how he landed. Scorpio goes up top to fly outside as well, but Paul E. nails him with the phone and Taz hits Scorpio with a Tazplex for the three-count. 911’s music started playing near the end, but he doesn’t appear. But wait! Here comes troubleshooting referee Bill Alphonso to overturn the decision thanks to the illegal phone shot. He wants the match re-started. Paul E. gets into a shoving match with Fonzie as Scorpio and Dean sneak attack a distracted Taz and Guerrero. Scorp savate kicks Taz as Malenko tigerbombs Guerrero and Fonzie counts both pins. We get a bell, so it must be official.

Result: 2 Cold Scorpio & Dean Malenko via pinfall (8:13 shown).

Clip ahead to Paul E. once again confronting Fonzie. For some reason the house mic has been almost inaudible all night, so I have no idea what Paul E. is saying. It doesn’t help that Joey is screaming over everything anyway. Clip to… ugh… Rob Feinstein, he of RF Video fame (among other things). They were the official distributor of ECW tapes at the time. Feinstein gets some mic time for some reason, so Paul E. puts the badmouth on him (lots of bleeps) and Feinstein eventually wins a slugfest and puts the boots to him. 911’s music hits for real this time and Feinstein is apparently too stupid to hit the high road so he ends up taking a chokeslam as Fonzie feeds him to the monster.

Back from a commercial to Rob Feinstein cutting a backstage promo while in a neck brace. He turns it into a commercial for his tape business, but gets cut off by an indignant off-stage producer. Okay, that was funny.

Joey recaps the Public Enemy versus Gangstas feud with some video highlights. We see clips of both recent matches, neither of which has been aired on TV as of yet. Again we see the Rocco Rock moonsault off the cage and again it cuts out before impact. What a tease. Joey then throws it to a debuting Lance Wright who attempts to interview TPE via the FanCam. Rocco and Johnny are lying around backstage putting over the beating the received, but its kind of hard to take them seriously when Rocco is doing his comedy shtick. Then it’s over to a New Jack promo (with Mustafa along for the ride). New Jack works the phrase “Killing Fields” into it, which is cool. It’s a damn shame he’s such a shitty wrestler, because his promos rule. “We gonna treat you like a pimp treat a ho”. Nice. Mustafa’s closer this week: “We gonna riz up in the hiz-ouse”, delivered while apparently suffering a concussion. Or he’s retarded, I’m not 100% sure yet.

Backstage Joey talks about the Raven & Richards tag combo before putting over the incoming Steiner Brothers. All of which leads into a Raven promo.

He feels Tommy’s pain, Luna’s pain, and the Pitbulls pain, but now adds that he feasts on their pain. Good to know. Stevie follows up with his goofy antics (he brags about his “11th grade diploma”) and Beulah interrupts, wanting to know who the bimbo is that Stevie’s been making out with. They argue a bit, but Raven’s not having it. He wants to talk about pain some more. And then we’re out.

Overview: Good show this week. The clipped up tag match was annoying, but also understandable. Had I been watching at the time, I would have wanted to see the full thing and would probably have shelled out the bucks to get it, which at the end of the day is the job of this show, to get you to buy the arena events. (EDIT: The match was apparently clipped on the commercial release as well. Dicks.) We had some good advancement in multiple storylines and what wrestling we saw was good. They really jammed a lot of stuff into this episode and it moved along at nice breezy pace.


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