The Un-Update

I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks, and in truth I haven’t really had much to say. Life has been very good lately. The new place is settling in and is a TREMENDOUS upgrade over the Postage Stamp, but I imagine there’s only so many stories you folks can read about my new (*used) recliner before going mad. Work is, as it always is, enough of a daily distraction to keep me from feeling completely useless, but is not particularly stressful lately either. “First Night” is moving along, although the compressed rehearsal schedule has got me feeling a little uneasy about my ability to “get there”. Despite my feelings that the character and I are very similar, it’s written in such a way that there’s a lot more I need to figure out than I had initially expected. Which is a good thing, except that I’m spending so much energy on getting the lines down right now that I’m now nervous about my acting, something I usually take for granted. But it’s not condition critical or anything. Just kinda there.

The Sox World Series run took a lot out of me, between the excessively late nights and just the overall emotional pull. I’m far too invested in the local sports teams, a fact which nearly crippled my childhood and has lead to me needing to constantly remind myself that it’s “only a game” over the years. For the most part I’ve got a handle on it, but things like the baseball playoffs generally are a test of my will. I was also pretty much a zombie this past Sunday waiting for the Pats-Colts game, the anticipation threatening to paralyze me. Those are the moments when living alone are very dangerous, because it’s so easy to just kill the day doing nothing but watching TV because there’s no one around to say, “hey loser… put some clothes on and interact with the world, would ya!”

Been sort of chewing over something in my mind for the last couple of weeks which may or may not eventually become something noteworthy, but for the time being I’m keeping it to myself. I made a somewhat cryptic reference to it on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, which of course prompted a couple of people to try and pry it out of me. To date I’ve remained steadfast in my secrecy. Sometimes it’s fun just to have something that’s yours and yours alone.


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