I Shall Find Release

I get a forty-five minute lunch break. It generally takes me between 15 & 20 minutes to actually eat my lunch. As a result, I have quite a bit of time to kill. During the spring and summer months, I try to make use of the good weather by either going for a walk around the neighborhood where I work, or, if I’m not feeling particularly energetic, sitting in my car with the windows down, listening to the radio or studying lines. Days like yesterday, when I’ve moved beyond un-energetic straight into flat-out-exhausted, I’ll crank the driver’s seat back and take a nap. A good twenty minutes of shut-eye can do wonders. So this is what I did on Tuesday afternoon. However when I went to head back inside as my break time was winding down, I discovered a problem.

The seat wouldn’t come back up.

I pulled on the release lever a bunch of times, but the damn thing wouldn’t budge. I pulled on the seat. I pushed on it. I pulled the lever some more. I slid the seat *forward*, thinking that might somehow jog it loose. When that didn’t work, I pulled and yanked some more, even going so far as to climb into the back seat and try it from a different angle. As my frustration mounted, I resorted to the obvious: I kept pulling the release lever some more, using the time-tested logic that if you do something long enough it’s bound to work, even when there’s no RATIONAL reason to expect it to. Surprisingly, it didn’t work. Sure, I could hear the slight clicking noise every time I pulled it, but my driver’s seat remained leaning back, unwilling to budge. Eventually I gave up, heading back into the building resolved to just get through the day and deal with my recliner problem when I left in a few hours. I then spent a good portion of my afternoon contemplating two things: how awkward was it going to feel having to drive all the way home without a seat back, and how much it was going to cost to get my little problem fixed.

Four-thirty yesterday afternoon I headed out to my car. I approached it with the hope that somehow in the last three-and-a-half hours the seat had somehow managed to right itself. Perhaps sitting in the sun might have loosened it. In desperation, my mind was turning to the illogical. Of course the seat had NOT magically fixed itself. Ripping open the door in frustration, I threw my bag on the passenger’s seat, and in one last attempt to avoid the inevitable, I pulled the seat release lever.

BOOM! The seat returned to upright! YES!!

Ecstatic about my change in fortune I hopped into the driver’s seat, adjusted the level to my liking, and fired up the engine. And right about then it dawned on me as to why the seat had not been releasing all those hours before but was now back in action with one tug.

I had been pulling on the trunk release.

After cursing myself for a good 30 seconds, I climbed out of the car, went around back and gently latched the trunk shut, and proceeded home, safe in the knowledge that I am a moron.


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