Temptation Versus The Break

Got another one of those emails today.

“Hey man, what are you working on these days? You should really consider coming down to auditions at such-and-such a theater this weekend. They need some talented men and yadda, yadda, yadaa…”

I took the bait and did a little snooping around. It’s one of those fringe theaters that bubble up in Boston from time-to-time. They do some fairly offbeat stuff and everything about the group has an aroma of “cutting edge” meets “struggling artists who live on potted meats”. Even the script sounds kinda whacked (it was pimped to me as “bizarrely Brechtian”). It’s exactly the kind of project I need to do if for no other reason than I’ve gone as far as a I can go with the “old chestnuts”. Taking the next step for me doesn’t mean Broadway, it means tackling projects that aren’t so obvious. If nothing else, working on Tenor has taught me as much. I could do Ludwig in my sleep and still tear the house down, which is good because on that note I haven’t been this nonplussed about an opening night in, well… forever.

Anyway, I’m not planning on going to the auditions, despite the appeal. The show goes up in March which means another two months of schlepping around in the cold, not to mention venturing out to the edge of the city and praying to God I can find street parking (one of the biggest annoyances in life, I feel). And when I actually stopped for a few moments and contemplated it, the honest feeling that came back was “I’d rather watch TV for the next month and rest”. So the planned sabbatical remains.

I’m sure there will be more emails in the coming weeks. Probably a phone call or two as well, and I’m not ruling out the possibility that I’ll flat out get offered a role sometime between now and mid-March. Finding male actors in these parts lately has been harder than finding somebody who actually gives a shit about Kevin Federline’s future. And like I always do, I’ll consider it. Hopefully I’ll remember the way I feel today and politely decline, but I know myself better than that. My ego has a really hard time saying “no”.

In the meantime, I have an opening tonight and for all intents of purposes the break begins. (Three weekends of performing barely registers at this point). Oh, and I’m taking a scene study workshop starting Thursday, so even when I’m taking a break I’m not *really*.

Oh, and I have a Board Meeting on Sunday, and I’m helping out at an audition in a couple of weeks, and going to see a friend’s show soon after and… fuck, who am I kidding.

There is no break.


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