Ayup. My life.

Weird but true look at the last 24 hours or so of my life. None of which, I must point out, is meant to be some “look at me and how crazy my life is” thing. I was ten times more busy when I was 22 and putting myself through school via two jobs while trying to break into this acting thing. I just feel like telling the story.

So I worked till 6:30 last night, the first time I’ve been able to put in some committed overtime in a couple of weeks. Dropped by the supermarket on the way home to pick up a few necessities that somehow morphed into over a hundred bucks in groceries (including a new, deep, frying pan w/ cover that marked the first time I was legit excited about the prospect of purchasing something approximating a “kitchen appliance”). Got home, dumped the groceries, and threw a load of wash into the basement washing machine. Back upstairs where I promptly plopped face first on the bed and woke up an hour-and-a-half later. Meanwhile, my freshly washed clothes had been removed from the machine by someone who needed to use it (hate when that happens, but can’t say as though I blame them) and left in a pile on the table. Now it’s nearing 10 and I have to wait for a dryer to open up before I can dry my pile o’ damp. Back upstairs, promptly fall asleep for ANOTHER hour, only to book it downstairs and get my clothes in the dryer before the magic “Last load at 11” warning. Dried and folded by midnight, I passed out instantly, forgetting to set my alarm for the two hours early (i.e. – 4:30 AM!) I would need to make a 6AM meeting. Flash forward to 4:15 AM when I inexplicably awake feeling refreshed and unable to fall back to sleep, which has me in fits for about a half-an-hour when I suddenly realize, “WAIT! I *wanted* to be up this early!”. Hopped from bed to shower, and scrambled to work in time to spend two hours in the dusty warehouse while wearing my office attire because the “round table meeting” suddenly became an “action plan”. Now it’s close to eight hours later and I’m getting ready to bust out of work en route to a hybrid interview/audition in Maynard before racing off to Natick to see a friend in a show she’s not sure she wants me to see.

The *amazing* thing about all this? I am infinitely more happy when my life is like this than when I have time to myself, because when I do, I never used it wisely.


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