Today is indeed a dark day.

I shall attempt to explain. You see, last Saturday night, defcon_1 and I attended a Journey/Def Leppard concert. On the drive down to the Tweeter Center, we listened to the new Journey record (yes, they have a new one) and I talked about how I actually preferred the new singer, Steve Augeri, to Steve Perry, if only by a little.

Problem #1 – I had completed boofed on the fact that I had read some weeks ago that Augeri had to be replaced on the tour due to throat problems. As a result, we were about a minute into the first song (not counting Neal Schon’s brilliant “Star Spangled Banner” instrumental) when I realized, “oh wait… that’s not Steve Augeri”. Considering that this was at one time my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BAND, I consider it shameful that I was caught off guard by this. But it gets worse.

A few songs into the set, Jonathan Cain asks us all to give a big shout out to their new singer, Jeff Scatzensomething. I couldn’t make it out, due to the way he mumbled it. No big deal anyway, as the guy looked to be about mid-20’s anyway, so clearly it was just some dude they found who sounded decent. As it was, he apparently couldn’t sing the ballads so they let the drummer do that (who somewhat ironically, is a vocal DEAD RINGER for Steve Perry; moreso than the myriad of Perry clones whose records I have bought).

Problem #2 – Curious about the situation with vocalists, I learned today that the new vocalists was in fact Jeff Scott Soto. Now while this name means absolutely ZERO to most of my dedicated readers, the fact that I didn’t A) recognize his voice, B) recognize him on stage, or even C) know going in that this was the new singer of one of my favorite bands, is a truly depressing development.

Who is Jeff Scott Soto, you ask? Once upon a time he was a singer for Swedish guitar hero Yngwie Malmsteen. Since then he’s worked with a number of mid-level hard rock acts that I follow with crazed devotion. He fronted the band Humanimal for their 2002 album which I *love*. He was also the voice of the “original” singer of the band Steel Dragon in the Marky Mark Wahlberg bomb “Rock Star” back in ’02. This is basically a guy who’s career I had followed and suddenly he plops into the lead vocal role of a band I profess to love and not only did I not know about it, I didn’t even CATCH On when I saw him live.

Once upon a time, something like this would not have happened.

Once upon a time I would have been all over this information the moment it became public.

Once upon a time I had no life and could afford to follow trivial shit like that.

You know what… this is not so dark a day after all.


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