I’m not sure what the following story says about me. Am I really a guy with his priorities that far out of whack?

For whatever reason, I didn’t sleep particularly well last night. I got up this morning feeling disoriented and since the radio guys spent the morning whining about last night’s Sox loss, the Yankees big trade, and ridiculous trade scenarios the Sox should consider, I was in a sour mood by the time I got to the office. My phone was already ringing before I even sat down, and I had a bunch of voicemails waiting for me that were for issues I thought already resolved and/or so old I shouldn’t be bothered with. Meanwhile, I have a rehearsal tonight that I’m not 100% prepared for (and no time to *get* prepared), and tomorrow marks the beginning of a new month, which means my first foray into the dreaded “Month End” procedure for my new job. All of which adds up to me being extremely tense and ornery this morning.

So here’s what frightens me.

Having addressed a few issues, I took a quick break to check the news online like I always do. In doing so, I popped over to Mike Reiss’ online Patriots blog at, and proceeded to get caught up on the daily updates on training camp for the past few days. And suddenly… I felt MUCH better.

That’s right. Reading blurbs about who practiced versus who didn’t, whether they wore full pads or just shorts, what guy was with what unit, what kind of drills they ran, all of that completely mundane and ultimately meaningless information put me in a better mood. Seriously, how messed up is that? I mean, I know I *like* football and all, but should something that completely trivial have such an effect on me? It’s one thing to have my moods effected by wins and losses. Healthy or not, I can at least see the emotional connection. Sports, for better or worse, are designed specifically to manipulate emotions. It’s why we watch. So being in a bad mood following a Pats loss has never been something that I found all that odd. But this? In the immortal words of Allen Iverson, “we’re talking about PRACTICE! Not a game, but PRACTICE!”

Wow. I am a sad, sad human being.


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