The Return Of Woof Sticks!

Been awhile since I did one of these. Not sure if that means my mind has been free of useless clutter or if I’ve just been too lazy to write. I suspect a little of both. But either way, it’s time…

* Patriots training camp opens tomorrow and the Baseball trade deadline is Monday. It’s good to be a sports fan this time of year.

* I’m somewhat amazed at how much happier I am at my job the last two weeks. Yes, the extra money is nice, but I don’t expect that to make the job itself better from 8-4:30 every day. It’s more the peace of mind of job security, and ever better, that fact that now I have a great deal more responsibility so I’m doing more (making the day go by faster) and I actually *feel* like I’m serving a purpose. Granted, much of what I do now is as tedious as what I did before (and still do), but it’s important tedium.

* I like directing, but I’m not sure I’m cut out to be a full-time director. I find I get frustrated because the actors I’m working with don’t seem to have the instincts I myself have as an actor, and my inability to get them to see what I’m seeing is painful.

* You know, you don’t have to be a gay man to be able to appreciate this:

Seriously, Jerry Porter of the Oakland Raiders is RIPPED! I mean, damn. Those are some sweet abs.

* I came within seconds of ordering cable TV the other day. All I had to do was make one more click of the mouse to schedule an appointment, but I backed out. I’m definitely getting it before football season starts, but I think I’ll wait for a couple of the new paychecks to come in first. Restraint, be my guide.

* Screw what all the talk radio naysayers are spewing, I still believe in you, Coco.

* I don’t mind the heat. Really. You don’t have to shovel “heat”. And while it certainly can be uncomfortable at times, it beats the freezing cold which can be *painful*. That being said, I’m getting really tired of coming home at night when it’s a reasonable temperature outside and having to crank up the A/C because my tiny apartment is a sauna thanks to the non-circulation of air. One of these nights I’d like to be able to sleep with the window open. Just sayin’.

* Getting in my car last night, one of the sales reps (who don’t usually spend time at the facility, but who were there for a meeting) stopped me as I was about to leave just to congratulate me on my promotion. They posted it on the company bulletin board about a week ago and I’ve been receiving congrats ever since. The difference last night was that in addition to the usual, she went out of her way to say how happy she was that I was being kept, as she felt that I was too valuable to let go. Not bad considering I don’t ordinarily do much with the sales team.

* I’ve heard more talk about liver enzymes this week than I ever really needed to. Pro Wrestling just gets weirder by the minute.

* Lewis Black was right. On a CD years ago he stated, “I got news for ya… N-SYNC… hibbity-hubbity… is GAY. They may not KNOW it yet, but they’re gay. Oh, yes they are. They’re rooty-tooty-fresh-and-fruity.”

* Addendum to above statement: he didn’t actually say “hibbity-hubbity”, but how else do you express his stuttering gibberish?

* I had my first out-and-out crappy game of softball last night. But we won on another late game comeback, so it’s all good. Considering the game a couple of weeks ago where I only played two innings before having to leave, but managed to go 3-for-3 with a grand slam (my first EVER!), I’ll take the occasional 1-for-3 with 2 fielding errors. Especially if we win.

* Sometimes, even though nothing of note happens, just getting together with a couple of good friends to shoot pool and drink beer can do wonders for stress relief. Thanks, kids.


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