Three Weeks Of Chaos: Part Three

So I had an entire week to write about “The Wedding” but never really got around to it. Which isn’t to say it wasn’t worth writing about. Quite the contrary. Writing about it seemed so small after having been a part of it. I’ve never been much good with superlatives to begin with, and it was just one of those events that happens, you’re extremely happy to have been a part of it, but no one who didn’t experience it with you will ever really comprehend no matter how articulate you are.

Which doesn’t mean I can’t at least try.

Simply put, it was beautiful. The emotion was real, two people who truly, *deeply* love each other were able to celebrate that fact with a pretty diverse cross-section of friends, and there was an overall feeling of joy in the air that I don’t recall ever feeling before. Of course, I’m highly biased in this assessment. I’ve seen a number of good friends get married over the years, but this was different. This was my *best* friend. The guy I’ve shared darn near everything with for going on 18 years. He’s more family to me than my actual brother. So yes, there was something special going on for me that maybe wasn’t felt by everybody in the room.

And yet… I can’t help but think that even those that know Dave & Michelle to a much lesser degree than I were somehow touched by what transpired. You can witness a “beautiful ceremony”, complete with pretty bells and whistles and lots of eloquent words being spoken by priests and rabbis and good friends. But how often do you see such a truly beautiful “moment” as when the groom becomes so completely overwhelmed by the love he is feeling that he breaks into tears at the mere sight of his bride? I’ve been to weddings. I’ve seen people cry at them. And I’ve witnessed the interaction of couples I know were in love. This is not meant to take away from what were no doubt special days for all of them. But I’ve never in my life seen what I saw the evening of June 10th. From anybody. The fact the such emotion was spilling forth from a guy who I have known to hide his feelings closer to his vest than a Vegas poker player, only makes it more amazing to me. But even without that, there was something breathtaking in that moment. Being able to stand at his side with my hand on his shoulder is easily one of the five greatest moments of my life, and the only one that wasn’t about me.

In a word, I was humbled by it all.


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