Friends Indeed

Some days it just happens. Not for any real discernable reason, I end up in a crappy mood.

I went to bed last night feeling good. I had a nice relaxing evening (my first in awhile) and I got a full night’s sleep. I woke up refreshed, and with discussion of a Sox win over the Yanks on the agenda (rather than the endless and infuriating Barry Bonds’ talk) sports radio was actually a pleasant wake-up call. I managed to get out of bed early and get a decent jump start on the day. Today being opening night of the show, I was excited and anxious, and all signs were pointing to it being a good day.

So I really can’t say how it came to pass that I ended up cranky and surly this morning.

But I was.

It would be easy to blame the weather. Four consecutive days of rainy overcast (with a forecast for another six at least) certainly is enough to dampen anyone’s spirits (pun intended), but that wasn’t it. Somewhere between getting out of my car and getting headlong into my work day, I became unbearably unhappy. Given the importance of tonight, this was especially bad timing. I need to be at my best for the show, and particularly with this role, I need to be in an emotional place where I can be fun and likeable.

Thank God for me I have wonderful friends.

In the midst of my misery, my office phone rang. It was Tito. He simply wanted to call and wish me well with the opening. We talked for about a half-hour, covering the usual ground about Acme and some recent shows we’d seen. EMACT and our respective cuttings came up, and we touched base on a previous discussion about his current show and how things are now looking up, despite some disappointing ticket sales. It was exactly the kind of conversation I needed. He didn’t need anything from me, he just wanted to chat. He did what good friends should do — randomly make their friendship available.

Hanging up the phone, I did a quick check of my email to find another “break a leg” note from defcon_1. He quoted something I hadn’t thought of in a while and it made me crack up. And now some three hours later I’m in a much better frame of mind and back to being excited about tonight. All because two of my best friends felt like saying hello.

Some days it just happens.


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