Woof Sticks For A Tuesday Morn

* My Lycos email account is down this morning. I feel naked and alone.

* I’m not a big fan of holidays. Most of the time, they’re just another day on the calendar for me. I do however, have my own special holiday schedule. Days that come once a year and which are met by me with a great deal of anticipation. They are: the WWE Royal Rumble, Super Bowl Sunday, Oscar Sunday, Wrestlemania, Major League Baseball opening day, NFL Draft Saturday, EMACT Festival weekend, the MLB All-Star Game, and NFL opening Sunday. The first six all occur during the first four months of the calendar year, which means that as of this morning, I’ve passed five of my nine holidays. Sadly, I saw neither the Rumble or Wrestlemania this year, and to make matters worse, I didn’t really care. The product has been so bad lately, that I’ve stopped really paying attention to wrestling for the last two months, a concept that was unthinkable back in December.

* Baseball opening day did NOT disappoint, however, as the Sox won (and so did the Tigers! Woohoo!). On the down side, because he was a little shaky in relief yesterday, I had to wake up this morning to a million-and-one morons on Sports Radio badmouthing Keith Foulke and basically calling for his head. AFTER ONE GAME?! And people wonder why Boston sports fans get a bad rap. The Sox may have dubbed themselves “idiots” back in ’04, but their fans have held that title for decades.

* Whenever the weather starts to get warmer, I get much better mileage out of my CD collection. Something about spring makes me dig out all my 80’s metal. Whether it’s cranking down the highway with the windows down and the stereo pumpin’, or just sitting at home and listening to music and reading liner notes, I appreciate the whole thing. On the flip side, during winter I tend to wear out my stand-up comedy CD’s. Something about the sound of an audience laughing and the voice of the comedian talking (as opposed to singing) is comforting when I feel housebound. Almost like there’s people there with me.

* I gave in to impulse at the supermarket last night and bought one of those pre-cooked mini chickens from the deli. Armed with some rice and some broccoli, I had what I thought was a perfect meal. Problem was, the chicken was a lemon flavored deal, and while it *sounded* intriguing when I bought it, I have to say the lemon totally overwhelmed the taste. I really just wanted to taste chicken. Is that so wrong?

* The plan for tonight is to go see Thank You For Smoking. Expect some thoughts tomorrow.

* I processed a week’s worth of work yesterday. The direct consequence of my actions is that I now have to cross-check and file four pages worth of documents as opposed to the three-quarters of a page I normally do. Damned if you do…

* Some fan apparently threw an empty syringe at Barry Bonds during the Giants’ opener yesterday. While I don’t really endorse the idea of people throwing shit at *anybody*, I’m torn in this instance because, 1) I think Bonds is one of the biggest pricks on the planet, and 2) the syringe idea was damn funny.

* Sunday was our first regular rehearsal for OB40 following the round of blocking rehearsals. I was off-book. Seriously. Despite the fact that I am on stage for the duration of the show and have about 60% of the dialogue, it’s not possible for this role to be any easier. This must be what inmates mean when they refer to doing “short time”.

* I think I might develop man-love for Coco Crisp. I think Celia put it best at dinner on Saturday night when she declared, “a pox on Johnny Damon’s groin!”

* Back to the chicken thing for a moment… I may be one of the only people in human existence who prefers the taste of things as is. I rarely use salt or condiments on my meals, and on the rare occasion when I branch out and buy something that’s supposed to have a little more zip, like some Newman’s super secret spicy pasta sauce, I always end up disappointed. Boring as it may be, I honestly prefer the blandness of Ragu.

* Watched Chicken Little on Sunday. While not horrible or anything, I think gingerirish and I can both agree that we would have been better off spending the extra ten seconds it would have taken us to notice that Wallace & Gromit was also on the shelf. C’est la vie.

* I see mas2 has joined the coven. Welcome, slacker.

* My aforementioned CD collection is now officially over the 2000 total pieces mark. While a great number of them were of the free “promotional” variety cobbled together while I was working at Tower (no, I didn’t steal, they really were free), and vast chunk more have been culled from bargain bins in used record stores, the fact of the matter remains that with the cash I’ve blown on music over the years, I could most likely have made a down payment on a house.

I’d still rather have the music though.


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