I Scratch My Head At You

Some random thoughts before I actually set about getting something accomplished at work:

I re-watched the Metallica documentary “Monster” last night for the first time since I purchased it a year ago. The thing that struck me this second time through was how utterly useless their group therapist was. Yes, the guys in the band needed to learn how to better deal with each other and how to understand their own feelings, but this guy brought NOTHING to the table. His answer to everything was, “maybe we should talk about that”. The problem with that is, THEY ALREADY WERE TALKING ABOUT IT! Maybe I’m wrong, (and having never been to a therapist, I most likely am), but isn’t part of his function to teach them HOW to talk about it? They’re fucked up. They know they’re fucked up. Their problem is they can’t articulate it. Isn’t that where he comes in? Telling someone to “talk about it” when their problem is they don’t know *how* to “talk about it” seems pretty useless to me.

The other part of the film that really struck me was how completely messed up Dave Mustaine of Megadeth is. He basically admits on camera that he’s lived his entire life, which itself has seen a fairly decent degree of success, wishing he was still in Metallica. It’s sad to watch. Some people will never be happy, because they always feel they should have been something else.

Going out to my car this morning I passed a woman who was shoveling out around her car because it had basically been sitting there untouched since the snow hit on Sunday. The thing that killed me was that she was getting NOWHERE because she was essentially shoveling with one hand as she couldn’t be bothered to put down her cigarette long enough to get the job done. People crack me up. I might have found it sad had it not been such an unintentionally funny sight. I mean, it would have been one thing if she had the cigarette dangling from her lips while she scooped, but she didn’t. She was trying to scoop with one arm so she could hold the cig. Priceless.

Somewhat interesting debate about religion has popped up on another blog. Quick story is that recently an aspiring pro wrestler named Matt Cappotelli was diagnosed with brain cancer and has had to put his career on hold. In an interview, he praised his faith in God for helping him persevere. This of course brought out a lot of the meathead wrestling fans who were annoyed because he turned an online interview into – to paraphrase – “an add for Jesus”. They were thankfully bitchslapped by a number of other people on the thread (including a wonderfully articulate defense by a guy who claimed to be an atheist, interestingly enough). Nonetheless, I felt the need to mention it here. I simply can’t get over the fact that there are people out there who got annoyed by it in the first place. IT’S HIS LIFE! HE MAY DIE!!! If that’s not a time to give a couple of shouts out to the almighty and thank him for being there for you, when is? Look, I don’t want religious zealots banging down my door offering salvation when I’m in my undies trying to watch “Family Guy”, and I’ll admit to rolling my eyes whenever an athlete praises the Lord for helping make the big play, but when the whole point of an interview is to discuss how someone’s coping with a life threatening event, I’m pretty much EXPECTING the topic of faith to come up.

I scratch my head at you, world.


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