The Pusher

My friend filmbrat is a pusher. A particularly cruel one at that. Some months ago, her and defcon_1 purchased the “Lost: Season One” DVD set, and soon afterwards leant me the first couple of discs. I don’t tend to watch regular TV shows at home because of my erratic schedule and the fact that my non-cable-havin’ TV reception sucks significant amounts of ass. So they leant me the discs, I plowed through them in a day-and-a-half, and became immediately hooked. Of course, I’ve since had to wait for weeks at a time for them to finish the subsequent discs (where the hell is the next one?!?!). It’s an ugly, vicious cycle, one I am not proud to admit I am now a victim of.

But that’s not the point of this story.

Since I figured it would be some time before I got my next “Lost” fix, I allowed myself to be coerced into trying another drug of choice: “Arrested Development”. Again, I don’t watch it, but I’m intrigued. I’m also now a borderline TV-to-DVD junkie. So I say, “okay”. This should be a good thing. They had the whole Season One collection right there for me. No need to wait for the discs one at a time like some street urchin begging for a bottle of Boone’s. I took the package Saturday night, and then awoke Sunday morning to a so-so level blizzard outside (c’mon, people, we’re New Englanders; we’ve seriously seen worse). Perfect time to settle in and feed the monkey. One problem.


Talk about cruel. I was all hopped up, ready to watch the pilot… and nothing. So in addition to being addicted to a serial TV show I may never see the end of (I’M WAAAAAIIIIITING!), I am now also addicted to a show… I’VE STILL YET TO SEE!!!!

The first one’s free indeed.

(And yes, part of the purpose of this post was just to see if I could get the user links to work. I’m sick like that.)


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