PCW: S.M.I.T. – June 17, 2001



Sunday, June 17, 2001 (estimated)




[We cut backstage where Scott Cruise is seen making last minute preparations for his upcoming match. The 6’2″, 242 pound grappler is standing at a locker, slowly and intently wrapping white athletic tape around his left wrist. At present he is shirtless, a fact that is somewhat surprising given his propensity for wearing plain black t-shirts seemingly at all times. His skin is somewhat tanner than it was some months ago when he was seen wrestling Dez Bradley. Apparently he has used the time to get some sun, as well as some much needed exercise, as his pectoral muscles, which are by no means enormous, appear a slight bit bulkier than usual.]

[The voice of (unknown), the SMIT’s resident backstage reporter, is suddenly heard, and within moments he appears in our picture.]

Reporter: Excuse, Mr. Cruise… a few moments if I may.

[Scott does not so much as flinch. He merely continues to wind the tape around his wrist, unfazed by the intrusion.]

Cruise: No, you may not.

Reporter: Please, Mr. Cruise, just a few comments before your match against Scott Mitchell.

Cruise: There’s nothing to say.

Reporter: Yes, but what about–

Cruise: I said there’s nothing to say, junior. Now step off. If you’re so interested in filling your precious air time, why don’t you go pester Mitchell. He’s been silent as a church mouse all week. Maybe if you corner him he can explain why it is he’s such a quitter.

Reporter: Perhaps you can give us a few last second comments about your situation.

[This gets Scott’s attention. Having finished taping the wrist anyway, he peels off the roll of tape and drops it into a gym bag at his feet. He quickly turns toward the reporter with a look of agitation.]

Cruise: My situation? You want some comments about my *situation*?

Reporter: Yes, please.

Cruise: Have you not been listening all week? Have you not heard me say over and over again just how shoddily I’ve been treated by the people in the NWC? What planet are you from, clueless Joe?

Reporter: I just thought–

Cruise: I doubt that highly. Because if you *had* put any thought into interviewing me, you wouldn’t be asking me the same tired questions. The one’s I’ve already answered this week. The one’s I’m sure people are sick of hearing me bitch about. The NWC dropped the ball. It’s that simple. So as a result, I plan on winning this tournament out of spite. What happens after that is anyone’s guess. In the meantime, I’ve a match to prepare for, so please, do *me* a favor…

And get the hell out of my face.

[On this last line, Scott leans into the reporter slightly in an attempt to intimidate him. It most likely works, as ********** backs away slowly, eventually spinning around to face the camera himself.]

Reporter: You heard it here, fans. Scott Cruise is a man on a mission. Back to you, guys.





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