Devo Tremors

My first real success in e-wrestling and my “signature character”, Devo actually sprang forth from a roleplay I had done for another character — “Majestic” Jesse Falcone. Tweaking the roleplay quite a bit and building a character from it, Devo was meant to be a joke from the beginning. I had never envisioned him ever becoming that successful, which is why the irony of how far I went with him still makes me laugh to this day. I applied to HIW in March of 1999 and those first few months were easily the most fun I ever had in the game.

Roleplaying for Devo was meant to be silly. I purposely made him a bumbling fool, particularly on the mic, and my goal was to find unique and interesting ways to discuss the match at hand and even dig at my opponent without ever having Devo himself talking any trash. Sometimes that meant having somebody else do it for him (such as Noga, Exene, or even his sleazeball agent), although most of the time I tried to use the theme of the RP to do my dirty work. I guess in many ways my attempts were too subtle as a lot of the time people didn’t get what I was going for, but since they laughed anyway it didn’t seem to matter. That was the goal after all. Winning was always just a bonus.

Deev had a nice run in HIW, winning the Cruiserweight Title and later the NWC World Heavyweight Title (a proud moment if I do say so myself), and headed to SCCW in the late summer of 1999 after HIW’s initial shutdown. At that point I started trying to make him a bit more serious, an experiment that eventually failed in terms of the mystique of the character, although along the way it did produce some of my best work in terms of writing (but that’s another story). After leaving SCCW thanks to pure burn-out in the spring of 2000, he reappeared in SWF that summer along with Tommy West as “Tremors-West Airways”. The union was short lived (as was SWF) and Deev disappeared again until myself and a bunch of grizzled NWC vets decided to open a new fed – American Sports Entertainment. This too fell through in a matter of months (weeks really), but Devo lives on in ASE for the time being, his career slowly moving along even if it is only in my head.

As for the future, well I have no idea if I’ll ever bring him back to the NWC (or anywhere), as I found myself struggling to write for him in the later days, but as they say… “never say never.” Meanwhile, take some free time and enjoy the legacy that is… PLANET DEVO!


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