GSW Rage: The BOD Squad vs The Westsiders

ML Kurly (ML): There’s so much action in store tonight, Roland, that we’re not gonna wait. We’re gonna get right to it!

Roland Alexander (RA): Beauty. I hate messin’ around.

ML: Our first match-up is bound to be a crowd pleaser, as two of the most exciting and flamboyant teams to come down the pike in a long time will square off. It’s the Westsiders and the BOD Squad.

RA: Well, I don’t know too much about the BOD Squad, M.L. We saw them last week on California Dreamin’, and they were somewhat impressive in picking up the win, but I gotta tell ya, these two kids do far too much posing and posturing for my tastes. Get in there and wrestle, you know.

ML: What about The Westsiders? They’ve just returned from a brief good-will tour of Japan, but before they left they secured the number one contenders position here in GSW, and we’ll be seeing them in action against the champs, Obsession Inc., next week here on Rage.

RA: The Westsiders have looked pretty good, and that trip to the orient will only help. But again, another team that is way too in love with themselves. Tonight should be a good warm-up because the team they’re facing here is similar to Obsession Inc., although clearly much smaller.

ML: Very good analysis, Roland. Let’s get things started by sending it up to Sylvia for the introductions.


SC: Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team match is scheduled for one fall with a ten minute time limit. Introducing first…

[The opening riffage of Van Halen’s “Unchained” pumps through the speakers and the crowd begins to react positively, if not for the team, then at least for the music.]

SC: They weigh in at a combined weight of four hundred and ten pounds… from Venice Beach, California… the team of “Chisel” Chad Cormier and Marky “Rip” Peters… THE BAWWWDDD SQUAAADDD!!!

[A pleasant little pop from the audience as the pair of Cormier and Peters make their way out onto the ramp. Chad is dressed in a loose, black tank-top with a “Devo Tremors – The Future of the NWC” logo on the front. He also wears lime-green bicycle shorts and matching boots, along with black elbow and knee pads. His partner, Marky, has on a similar combo, although his pants and boots are a hot-pink as opposed to the green. And rather than a tank-top, he wears a white cut-off, half-shirt with a “Venice Beach” logo on the front.]

RA: Look at these two. They’re like poster children for the stylishly handicapped.

ML: Actually, I think they look pretty sharp.

RA: Which only reinforces my point.

[Chad and Marky jog down to the ring, slapping the occasional fans hands as they go. They reach the ring and hop up onto the apron, simultaneously vaulting over the top rope and landing in the ring. They then remove their shirts and toss them to a ringside attendant.]

SC: And their opponents…

[Cue “More and Faster” by KMFDM. Tom West comes out first to a GREAT pop, his wrestling garb (black full-leg tights w/ green and yellow claw marks on the legs, and “Meeeow!” on the butt in green) is covered by a blue and white patterned kimono. His outfit is rounded out by green tanker boots. His braided/dreaded blonde hair is pulled back. He acts like Scott Hall when coming out, strutting and living it up, even doing a psuedo-striptease with the kimono.]

[GD West then follows, at a quicker pace, his face a bit more stone-like. He also stands a few inches SHORTER than his younger, lightweight brother. When he enters, he is wearing a black hooded zip-up sweat, hood up, zipped up about 1/4 of the way. He wears a black singlet w/ red trim. On the butt in red are the letters “T S M F !”. When they both enter the ring itself, Tom is still acting wild’n’crazy, with GD removing the sweat jacket. Then we can see he has a goatee, and short brown hair, cut into a spiky flattop. The upper back of his singlet also has a cartoonish drawing of a head of a Rottweiler. He then crosses his arms, staring at his opponents. Tom then gets a house mic.]

Tom West (TW): Hurrrrrrry hurry, step right up, and give it to me one time, BACK FROM JAPAN, and BACK IN G-S-W-LAND, the ONE, the ONLY #1 CONTENDER TAG TEAM THAT MATTERS!!!

[Crowd responds with a loud pop.]

TW: IIIIIIIIIN-troducing, from THE WESTSIDE of Indianapolis, IN, FIRST, weighing in at two hundred forty-nine pounds, standing at 5’11”, the “Rottweiler,” G-D WEST!!

[Applause, although this doesn’t seem to faze the Rottweiler at all.]

TW: AND his partner, coming in at a STUPENDOUS two hundred twenty-eight pounds, I am the STRAY CAT, TOOOOOOooooooooM WEST!!

[More wild applause from the crowd.]

TW: Together we bring you, the guys who are gonna be THE NEXT GSW TAG TEEEEEEEAM CHAMPEEEEEENS… The Rottweiler! ….. The Stray Cat! ….. THE NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS! ….. THEEEE WEST-SIDERRRRRRS!!!!

[GD takes the mic from Tom.]

GD: And BOD Squad, yer next on the list for Westside Demolition, and if you don’t like it, then… T S [crowd chants along] M F! And that’s WHAT IT IS, and there ain’t NOTHIN’ like it!!

[GD drops mic, and charges at Marky Peters. Tom sheds the kimono quickly and throws it into the crowd before charging at Chad Cormier.]


ML: My goodness! The Westsiders wasting no time here as they take it right to the team of Cormier and Peters. GD West with a quick running clothesline takes Peters down! And Tom West just speared Chad Cormier! He’s got him pinned down and he’s just pounding away! Rights! Lefts!

RA: The Westsiders are sending a message here, no doubt about it.

[GD picks up Peters in a standing suplex and then walks him over to the ropes and drops him over the top and outside the ringside floor.]

ML: OH MY! What a display of strength by GD West! Marky Peters may be small, but there’s some weight on that frame, and it’s very dense, but West made him look like a feather.

RA: That certainly was impressive, M.L. That tour of Japan may have gone a long way in instilling a killer instinct in this team.

ML: Tom West still hammering away on Chad Cormier. Now he stands and there’s a gut-wrench pick-up… INTO A BACKBREAKER! What a move by Tom West!

[Tom holds Cormier over his knee and GD drops a short but deadly elbow drop across his chest, spilling Cormier onto the mat.]

ML: And now GD will step outside to the apron and we’ll get some order here. It’ll be Tom versus Chad to start, although clearly the Westsiders have the advantage here.

RA: No mercy, M.L. That’s what they need to learn. Don’t let up.

ML: Whip to the ropes by West and off comes Chad… attempted clothesline is ducked under… off the far side, another clothesline… DUCKED AGAIN… here comes Chad off agai- OOH! No duck under there as Tom West sent Chad Cormier tumbling forward with a knee lift.

RA: That Cormier needs to keep his head up. He played right into that one.

ML: Quick tag now to GD West and it looks like a Double Westplex! YES! Well executed there and the Westsiders are in command.

RA: Great double suplex. I must say, they’ve impressed me so far. This is a different team than the one that left a few weeks ago, and they weren’t too bad then.

ML: The crowd really getting into the action. These Westsiders are a big hit.

RA: Big deal. That won’t win them the match. They’d better concentrate.

ML: Off the ropes comes Cormier and INTO A BIG BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX! GD West is showing some great strength in the early going. He’s got a lateral press and a cover…






ML: Kickout by Cormier! It’s gonna take a little more than that to keep this youngster down, although he’s in desperate need of a tag here. GD back to his feet and he hooks the head… another suplex coming up… NO! He got Chad up, but Cormier dropped down behind West! He pushes GD forward to the ropes… West grabs the rope and Cormier tumbles backwards but gets to his feet and- DROPKICK! WOW! Well placed, right on the chest of GD West, who drops down and rolls out of the ring!

RA: That was a nice little turn around by Chad Cormier. He used his quickness well there.

ML: Cormier tags out and we’ll see Marky Peters for the first time in this match-up. GD Is slowly making his way back up onto the apron, and he doesn’t look too happy, Roland.

RA: GD’s the more intense of the two, and I think he’s a little annoyed at himself for getting caught off guard by that dropkick.

ML: Tom West is in and he and Peters go for a collar and elbow tie-up… into a side headlock by Peters. Look at the arms on that kid, will ya? Good heavens.

RA: Hey, these Bod Squad guys are in shape, there’s no denying that. But that don’t mean they’ve got the skills just yet.

ML: Tom West trying to break his way free from this headlock, but not having much luck- NICE MOVE! He reached down pulled back on Peters’ leg, knocking the youngster off his feet.

RA: That was pretty dangerous though. Had Peters held onto that headlock, West could have found himself in a front first DDT.

ML: Lucky for him he escaped it. Now a knee drop to the face. GD is all business in there. He reaches over and tags in his partner, Tom. He’s setting Peters up for a slingshot.

RA: OOH! Right into a clothesline by Tom! Great team work on that move.

ML: Impressive showing by the Westsiders. Tom drops down to his knees and he’s got a handful of Marky’s hair. He’s pounding away with savage right hands.

RA: Three… four… five! Just whaling away!

ML: Now Tom’s heading over to Cormier on the far apron. It appears as though he’s taunting the youngster.

RA: Tom’s a talker. He’ll get right up into your face and give you what for. I like that part of his game.

ML: The ref now getting in between the two as Cormier was ready to come into the ring.

RA: Inexperience there, M.L.. Tom was just baiting Chad and the kid fell for it.

ML: And there’s why! With the ref’s back turned, GD came off the top turnbuckle with a vicious guillotine leg drop. Peters is in all sorts of trouble here.

RA: Tom back to the action now. He takes a handful of hair and drags Marky to his feet.

ML: And whips him hard into the corner. Looks like some more double team work coming up. Both Tom and GD in the ring now. They fling Peters across the ring and off the ropes…

RA: OOH, BOY! BIG double clothesline! That was a great move.

ML: The Westsiders showing great team work here early. GD, the legal man, is up to the top. Flying knee drop! NO! Peters rolled out of the way. GD came crashing down, all his weight on that knee!

RA: But Marky is too weak to make the tag. He’s crawling, but he won’t make it!

ML: You’re right. GD takes Peters by the hair and tries to ram him, face first, into the mat.

RA: Blocked!

ML: Peters stopped it and now HE slams GD’s head into the canvas! The tides have turned.

RA: Yeah, IF he can capitalize.

ML: Peters is to his feet, but he’s not going for the tag. Instead, he drops an elbow on GD.

RA: He shoulda made the tag.

ML: He’ll do it here. Peters finally reaches over and tags in Cormier, who immediately climbs to the top turnbuckle.

RA: I will say this about Cormier, he does some crazy aerial stuff.

ML: BIG SENTON BOMB! He flattened GD with that one.

ML: Chad playing to the crowd now. He’s waving his arms up in the air, trying to get some noise from the fans.

RA: That’s why I hate these damned fan favorites. They’re always more worried about applause. What’s worse, is that BOTH these teams are fan favorites. Ugh.

ML: Cormier quickly scales the turnbuckle and leaps… YES! Huge splash! We have a cover!






ML: Kick-out by GD! He’s taken quite a bit of punishment in the last few moments.

RA: Whip to the ropes by Cormier. GD comes off…

ML: And into a deep arm drag takedown by Chad. Shades of Ricky Steamboat there. Into a arm ringer now as Cormier has GD pinned into the corner.

RA: Another tag to Peters. I sure hope he got enough rest. He took a beating while he was in there.

ML: Peters up top and comes down on GD’s bicep with an elbow.

RA: Now it’s the BOD Squad showing solid team work. I have to say, both teams have been impressive in that area tonight.

ML: Peters with a leg scissors on GD’s arm. He’s wrenching back on his wrist. The BOD Squad really going to work on the arm here. Quick tag again to Cormier. And again he goes up top. They’ve been using the ropes extensively here.

RA: These damn high flyers. That’s all they know.

ML: It’s been a solid game plan as of late, Roland.

RA: But it cost them this time! Chad tried a big splash but GD got both knees up! Great counter!

ML: GD rolling out of the corner now. Trying to catch his breath as he gets to his feet.

RA: Cormier had the wind knocked out of him too. Both guys sucking more wind than your wife.

ML: Always have to go there, don’t you Roland?

RA: Damn straight. Hell, I was there last night.

ML: Funny. Cormier and GD both to their feet now. Chad gets up a head of steam and lunges at GD over by the ropes. NO SIR! West ducked and Cormier went over the top and outside! Here comes Tom West. He hopped down off the apron and he made his way over to where Cormier is lying on the outside.

RA: Yeah! Boots to the face! That’s it Tom. Kick ’em!

ML: Marky though won’t have any of that. He’s going after Tom.

RA: Not so fast.

ML: GD with a perfectly timed baseball slide, sends Peters flying into the guardrail. Tom now is gonna pick Cormier up and roll him into the ring.

RA: Big mistake by Marky. He can’t afford to take any unnecessary punishment.

ML: Tom now is up on the apron. He’s not the legal man, but it looks like he’s gonna go for a springboard. YES! SPRINGBOARD SPLASH! Cormier really caught that one square. Tom rolls out and GD drops down, hooking the leg and going for the pin!

ML: Big kick-out by Cormier! GD quickly makes the tag to Tom, who comes in and immediately drags Cormier to his feet. Now he brings Cormier down over his knee with a devastating backbreaker! And he drops down on Chad for another pin. The ref in position!






ML: Again Cormier with the kick-out, but it’s obvious he’s feeling it now. Not much behind that one.

RA: He’s been in there awhile and he’s really taken a beating.

ML: Tom rolls him onto his stomach and tags in GD yet again. GD West is in and now he’s standing over Cormier… CAMEL CLUTCH! Tom West rocking back on Chad Cormier! Listen to the youngster scream out in pain. Tom sends himself off the ropes and- DROPKICK! Right to the face of Chad! My goodness!

RA: These guys are like a finely oiled machine. Very impressive.

ML: They’ve got Chad in all sorts of trouble. GD now releases the Camel Clutch but the damage has been done. He picks Cormier up and… FULL NELSON! There we go! It’s time for the Westside Demolition!

RA: Good night, Chad.

ML: Tom with a quick boot to the stomach… AND THERE IT IS! STUNNER! GUTBUSTER! THE WESTSIDE DEMOLITION! This one is OVER! GD with the pin…









ML: My goodness what a finish there by the Westsiders.

RA: They dominated in that match. Sure, Cormier had a nice little run in the middle, but the Westsiders just showed why they are the number one contenders… no doubt about it.

SC: Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of this match… THE WESTSIDERS!!

ML: And a tough loss no doubt for the BOD Squad.

RA: Hey, life is all about tough losses. These kids need to suck it up and come back next time and try harder.



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