Putting Life On Hold

[Early morning in Hawaii. Our view is a panoramic shot of sand and sea. A warm yellow sun peaks above the horizon, shadowing the beach before us in an orange haze. Words appear on the bottom of our screen.]

Waikiki Beach / Tuesday, May 4, 1999 / 6:03 am

[A lone figure sits on the barren beach, his back to us. Although he’s a mere silhouette backdropped against the rising morning, we know who it is. If you don’t, then you didn’t read who’s post this was. Yeesh. The “Lone Wolf” as he now likes to be called, Devo Tremors, is hunched over, his knees tucked in front of him into the crook of his latched arms. He doesn’t appear to move. On the sand around him lies the remnants of Sunday night’s festivities. Discarded soda cups, Big Kahuna Burger wrappers, HIW flyers featuring the night’s card, bits of broken table, shards of glass from broken light fixtures, and lots and lots of blood.]

Cut to:

[A close-up shot of Nez Perce. The Native American, a fan favorite already amongst the HIW followers, looks sadly into the camera. He turns his head to the left, surveying the garbage that lies strewn on the ground around him. He turns back to the camera as a lonely teardrop makes it’s way down his sun-darkened cheek.]

Cut to:

[The shot of Devo. He still hasn’t moved. The camera begins to slowly circle the lad, stopping only briefly at his front side, where we see a vacant Devo. His eyes staring off into the distance, seemingly unaware of our presence. There is something in his eyes we’re not used to seeing. Call it… contemplation. Devo’s thinking. Who’da thought? The shot continues it’s slow pan around until we are once again behind him. Suddenly, a tall shadowy figure steps in front of Devo. We are unable to tell who it is because the figure has stepped in-between us and the sun, and there is simply not enough light yet to reflect anything other than a black silhouette. We can see the outline of Devo’s head as it rises, looking up at this strange visitor.]

Shadow: Here we are again.

[Devo does not respond.]

Shadow: I can’t keep coming out here like this. There will come a time…

Devo: [interrupting] I know. I know.

Shadow: What is it this time?

Devo: The girl.

Shadow: Another unfortunate meeting?

Devo: Yeah, you could say that.

Shadow: You need to get over this embarrassment…

Devo: [again interrupting] It’s not that. It was this different this time.

Shadow: How different?

Devo: Very. I think I may have hurt her.

Shadow: In what way?

Devo: Can we like, stop with the ‘Deep Throat’ secrecy? This is serious.

Shadow: I thought we were being serious.

Devo: Whatever. The thing is this. I had a match the other night. I was supposed to face her brother, you know. But he didn’t show. She took his place. It got ugly.

Shadow: Did you intentionally try to hurt her?

Devo: NO! [pause] It wasn’t even me.

Shadow: You have to move on. It’s over.

Devo: Is it? Is it ever “over”? You know, I never meant for this kind of thing. I wanted to come here and be liked, maybe entertain a few people. That’s all I ever wanted, you know. But now? I think, I think I’m in over my head.

Shadow: You know that’s not right. You must persevere. If this is what you want, then you must fight for it. Nothing in this world will be handed to you.

Devo: I know. But the girl…

Shadow: There’s something else, isn’t there? It’s more than just concern.

Devo: No. I just feel bad. You didn’t see what he did to her. There was no call for it. I’m gonna make him pay.

Shadow: Well, be careful, son. Don’t lose sight of the big picture.

Devo: I won’t. But he won’t get away with it. He has to face me in three weeks. I’ll be ready for him.

Shadow: And in the meantime?

Devo: I have to go to Australia. They call it the Hurricane Cup. They’ve like, teamed me with some guy I don’t even know, you know. Heck, right now I can’t even find the guy.

Shadow: This “Lone Wolf” thing… is that what this is all about?

Devo: I can’t trust anybody. Everybody here is either out to get me, or out to make money off me. It’s worse than it was back home.

Shadow: You can’t go back, you know?

Devo: Huh?

Shadow: You must go forward. Everything you want is in front of you.

Devo: Like, I know that. But does it all have to be so hard?

Shadow: If you want it to be worth something in the end, then I’m afraid so. As for the girl…

[He lets this last phrase hang in the air, unanswered. The figure walks forward, beyond the camera’s line of sight. Devo remains still on the beach. The sun, now slightly higher, throws an orange hue over his hunched frame. From behind us, the voice of the shadowy figure is heard again.]

Shadow: Come. We must get you cleaned up. You’ve got a trip to make.

[As the camera begins an almost painfully slow dissolve into blackness, we see the form of Devo Tremors begin to rise from it’s spot on the sand. Once again, words appear on the bottom of the screen.]

To be continued…

[Oh yeah, and fade to black.]


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