Final Reflection

****Alright, just what the hell’s going on around this place? I leave Devo alone for a couple of days, and *BOOM*, he’s got himself wrapped up in all sorts of nonsense. Doman Schwahling’s out hiring has-been actors to try and make Devo look like a fool; Khalid al-Kazam’s running around like the local ginsu salesman, ripping up t-shirts and dicing up the air; and then there’s Nez Perce, who’s actually showing the boy some respect, which makes me suspicious. So where does this leave us? Or more importantly, where does it leave Devo?

You know, I’m not too sure myself. He’s a strange little bugger at times, and it’s hard to say how he’s feeling heading into Sunday’s big event. I know he’s anxious to put on a good show. And I know he’d love nothing more than to come out victorious. Let’s face it, this kid’s been looking for some validation in his life for a long time, and a run as J-Crown Champion would go a long way towards accomplishing that.

So I tell you what. I’m gonna let the kid do his own talking this time. He’s got something on his mind, so let’s hear him out. It may not be pretty or eloquent, but it will be pure Devo. Just don’t say I didn’t warn ya.****

[A simple setting really. Devo, dressed in a black t-shirt and a pair of white shorts, is sitting in a fold-up metal chair. Behind him is an ordinary wall, probably from a gym or locker room. It is a white concrete wall that is dotted with drops of perspiration. Devo is leaning forward with his arms resting on his knees and his hands interlocked. His head is down at opening, but he looks up at the camera as he begins to speak.]

Devo: So like, this is it. The J-Crown shot. So much is on the line this Sunday. So much that I don’t even know where to begin, you know. A month ago, I was like, just another kid outta Boston, on the road to try and make ends meet. And now, all this. People stand in line and they don’t seem to mind, you know everybody knows my name. It’s all so strange, really.

Doman Schwahling, you seem to have a problem with me, you know. It’s almost like, you’re like afraid of me. First, you try and blow me off. Then, you try and show me up. You must really think I can beat you, you know. It must eat you up inside. I’ve read you’re resume. I’ve seen what you can do. But I think I can beat you. I don’t suppose it will be like, you know, easy or nothing. But I can do it. And I will do it. Because there’s only one thing in this world I’m any good at. And that’s wrestling.

I know a lot of you guys think I’m a joke. You laugh behind my back, and like, make like I’m some kinda chump. And that’s okay, you know. It seems like I’ve been an outsider all my life. Never cool enough for the cool kids. Not smart enough for the brains. And yeah, I cared too much about what people thought of me. But you can’t take away what I can do in the ring, you know. It’s like, that’s what I was meant to do.

Khalid, I’m not scared of you. I guess you want me to be, but I’m not. You know, it’s pretty simple. Come Sunday, you’re gonna have to put down your big old swords, and you’re gonna have to step into the ring with us. And all you’re bragging ain’t gonna amount to anything, you know. Like, all your threats won’t bring you one step closer to pinning me. You’ll have to do that on your own. I haven’t overlooked you. Nothing’s being handed to me, so I know I have to fight for it. And that’s okay.

As for you Nez Perce, well, you look like a good guy. I hope I get to wrestle you, because you like, could bring out the best in me, you know. But I still will try and beat you. I can’t afford to look past anybody.

I need this win. A shot at the J-Crown would mean something to me that I can’t explain, you know. It’d be like, like the whole world to me. I can wrestle. I guess it’s all I can really do. And I’m gonna show everybody, that they can laugh all they want at me, but they can’t take away my ability. Ridicule me all you like. Cause come Sunday, you’ll still have to climb through those ropes and pin me for a three count. And despite my appearance, that ain’t gonna be so easy. I won’t let it be. You know?

[Devo gets up from the chair and walks off to the left. Fade out.]

****I don’t have much else to say, really. The kid sounds serious. I don’t know if that’ll help him much come Sunday, but I’m sure he’ll give it his all. And what else can you ask for?****


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