Falcone RP#8

Excessive use of commas? Racial insults? Ugh, this one is cringeworthy.

* * * * *

[“Welcome to Rico’s Gym: Enter A Mortal – Leave A God”. At least, that’s what the sign says that greets us as the camera opens it’s eyes on yet another glorious HSW promo. The sign initially takes up the entire screen, but a slow zoom out takes care of that. Now we see that the sign is in fact on the main door to the establishment. Like magic, the door opens and we enter. The receptionist looks up and we see her shoulders visibly slump as a look of “here we go again” comes over her face. Apparently, she’s been around this business for awhile. She returns to her work as the camera continues through the lobby and through yet another door, this one marked “Pool”.]

[Sure enough, we’re inside a hot and sweaty room with an Olympic sized swimming pool in the middle of it. Assorted people are scattered at poolside. Some resting, others drying off. A young man is treading water (both literally and figuratively) as he tries to scoop on a young woman in a bikini who is drying her hair at poolside. The afternoon sun pours in through the row of windows that run all around the top of the far wall. The ceiling is a good two stories high.]

[Jesse Falcone soon becomes the focus of our attention as he swims into view. Looks like he is doing laps. It also looks like we’re not the only ones who’s attention he’s attracted. Two young high-school girls are huddled together, clinging tightly to their towels up around their faces as they giggle. They seem to admire the young champion, yet in a way that let’s you know they don’t follow wrestling. He just swims. The camera makes it’s way to the far end of the pool where Jesse will be in a matter of moments. Sure enough, he swims over to the edge and throws his arms up onto the cement poolside. He hauls himself up enough to put most of his weight on his arms as he rests. He’s breathing heavy.]

Cameraman. Tired there, sport?

Jesse. Two hundred laps. I’d like to see you try it.

Cameraman. That’s why the pay me to be behind the camera instead of in front of it.

Jesse. Smart man.

[Jesse pushes off and submerges himself under water and immediately comes back up, shaking his head like a dog and sending water everywhere. Drops splash on the lens. He slicks his dark brown hair back out of his face and returns to his original resting position. A hand reaches in front of the camera with a handkerchief and wipes down the lens.]

Jesse. So I guess you guys are looking for me to say something else. It’s funny, but all anybody around here ever seems to do is talk. But hell, you guys sign my check, so if you want me to talk, I’ll talk. I still say I’d rather wrestle.

[There is a pause as he reaches up with his right finger to his right ear and starts to root around a bit. He cocks his head to one side and bangs with his hand on his skull, trying to drain out any excess water. It seems to work as he lets out a contented sigh and looks back at the camera.]

Jesse. So, you gonna make with the questions or am I on my own here?

Cameraman. Sure. First off, how’s the training coming?

Jesse. Fine. With this one night tournament coming up, I figured I’d need to increase my regiment a bit. Don’t want have my body quit on me before the final match. And yes, I will be there. No doubt.

Cameraman. So you expect to win the whole thing?

Jesse. Sure do. Granted, everybody’s expecting to. But I really believe it in my heart. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I came to this fed to wrestle. And since I’ve already proven I can beat these guys in a hardcore environment that is totally new to me, I should be able to take ’em in a normal match. I’ve got moves these guys ain’t ever seen, and for the first time, I’m gonna get a chance to use them.

Cameraman. Do you really think being back in a normal rules match will make that big a difference?

Jesse. Hell yeah. You see, a lot of my style is dependent on speed and agility, and using the ring. Once you get into a hardcore kind of situation, you need to rely on strength, and your ability to absorb punishment. I can do that, but I can do more inside the ring. Most of the guys are basically just overgrown brawlers, so being in the ring won’t help them like it will help me.

Cameraman. What about the possibility of wrestling three matches in one night? Does that worry you at all?

Jesse. Well again, I’ve already proven my ability to withstand a lot. Granted, my style tends to take a lot out of me, but in a case like this, it doesn’t really matter. When that gold’s in sight, you can push your body to all sorts of extremes. So I’m not really worried about being tired. Plus, I have youth on my side, and I’m really increasing my stamina with my latest workouts. I used to run track so I know all about training.

Cameraman. Let’s talk a bit about the others guys in the tournament. You’ve already faced Cut Throat, and he’s your first round opponent. What about Syco or ManChild? You’d be facing either of those two if you can make it to the second round.

Jesse. Well, when I get to the second round, it won’t make much of a difference to me. I’ve already seen what ManChild has to offer, and I took that. So he’s not a big concern. Plus, he’s mentally unbalanced, so even if he made it that far, he’d be easy pickings by that point. Guys like that don’t really know how to focus, especially when there’s a title on the line. As for Syco, well, he’s a nut alright. But again, he’s so out there that I don’t think it’ll take much to outsmart somebody like that inside the ring.

Cameraman. Doesn’t the fact that you’re giving away a huge size advantage to almost everyone in the tournament, doesn’t that fact bother you?

Jesse. Not really. I’ve faced ’em before and beat ’em, so this will be no different. Size is useless if you can’t control it, or use it correctly. Take that guy Snowblinder. Sure, he’s big as all hell, but he’s also an awkward bastard, and once you get him off his feet, I’m sure he’s not too hard to put away. And again, not all there mentally. Yeah, being a small man, I need to be extra careful, particularly in a one night deal, not to put myself in a position to get hurt, but you always run that risk, regardless of your opponent’s size. So as far as fighting big guys, it just takes a certain strategy, and I know what that is.

Cameraman. And that is?

Jesse. A secret. [he laughs]

Cameraman. Okay, on to Logan Cain. Seems he’s not too impressed with you, and perhaps he’s taken a personal offense to your bit the other day. Is this a problem?

Jesse. My bit the other day? Oh! The thing with Gil. Well, this guy takes himself way too seriously. You know, he’s got this stupid catch phrase he likes to use, and he puts on this facade likes he’s this mega tough guy or something. I mean, what is that? [mocking] “I’m Logan Cain and you just wish you were.” [laughing] Like hell I do! Christ, I wake up each morning and praise the Lord I’m not that clown. Tell me seriously, have you ever seen a more unoriginal dude in all your life? It’s like he gets his ideas out of comic books or something. What is it with these morons that they all come out and yap away about destroying everybody? Like any of us are gonna all of the sudden pack up and go home because some jerk with a chip on his shoulder talks a big game. I say, prove it in the ring. So he beat that guinea Gambino. Big deal. Where’s Gambino now? Nowhere. Why? Because he was a coward to begin with. He concocted some phony bio to try and scare people, and he couldn’t even get his facts straight. Sure, it was a somewhat impressive victory, but Gambino didn’t put up much of a fight. Then last week, he takes on who – Dan Riggs? Who the hell is this guy? Another nobody who’s afraid to open his mouth, let alone step in the ring. So far Logan’s had two relative push-overs while I’ve been busting my ass in the two hardest matches this fed has seen in it’s brief time. So what? He’s mad cause we picked on his little “motto”. Like I care. I’ve got one belt already, and I’m aiming for two. What’s he got? Some chick. Yippee. Call me when that matters.

Cameraman. Pretty harsh words.

Jesse. Look, I’ve never been much of a talker, although that’s changed ever since I got here. But out in the indy’s, you work your ass off night in and night out, and it was never about who had the bigger mouth. Then you come to one of these slightly larger scale feds, and everybody falls in love with the sound of their own voice. The wrestling goes right out the window. So I say, put the mic down and put your ass in the ring. Cause I’ll take my skills over your words any day.

Cameraman. Okay. One last question, then I’ll let you go. What about this whole situation with Blair? Is that gonna just go away, or do you have any plans for him and his crew?

Jesse. I think we’re gonna have to wait and see on that one. It’s funny, because here we have a guy who’s desperately trying to make a name for himself with a brand new fed, after his last one crumbled. He needs to bring in the fans. So what does he do? He takes the one guy who he can really market as a fan’s wrestler, me, and tries to ruin him. He keeps wanting to interfere with my matches. Instead of trying to work with me to make this fed a household name, he seems intent on destroying every wrestler he’s brought in. So we’ll see. I’m sure as hell not gonna forget what’s gone on, but I’m also not gonna let it distract me from what I need to accomplish, and that’s winning the big strap. That’s what I’m all about.

Cameraman. Well, good luck to ya. We’ll see you again later in the week.

Jesse. Thanks, man.

[Jesse salutes the camera with a flip of the wrist and pushes himself off into the water. We see his head pop up again a few feet away as he heads off to continue his laps. The camera zooms out to a view of the entire room before slowly fading to black.]

* * * * *



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