Touching Down In The Tropics

**** We open on a shot of the interior of Honolulu International Airport. You should know what it looks like by now, we’ve only been here at least a dozen times in the last week. We’re somewhere in the terminal near a gate which promises the arrival of flight 298 from Boston via Phoenix. With it, Devo Tremors, one of the HIW’s recent signings. To say his arrival is highly anticipated would be, well, an overstatement. Barely anybody knows who he is, let alone that he is soon to touch down.

Well, there is one person. A young island girl, make that woman, named Mikayla Rabinowitz (hey, she’s married, what do you want) who is here to greet the young grappler on behalf of the HIW. What? You think they’d waste somebody important? She carries a small briefcase which no doubt carries a multitude of documents for Devo to sign. Contracts, insurance policies, endorsement deals… well maybe not endorsement deals. She looks pretty impatient if you ask me. I mean, look how she keeps checking her watch. There, she did it again!

Anyway, the big bird has finally landed and after tooling around the tarmac for a good 45 minutes, they finally got a clear gate and should be unloading any minute. Devo should be happy. That wool jacket and extra pair of socks he’s wearing can’t be comfortable at this point. So, if you don’t mind, I think it’s time to head on down there and see just what little Mrs. Rabinowitz has in store for our boy. The camera’s on hand this time – wouldn’t wanna miss the arrival of a future superstar – so this one’ll be saved for prosperity. Take it away, Devo. ****

[As the video pops to life, we get a nice clear shot of the jetway exit. A steady stream of passengers is already making their way out. Devo should be near last. There is the usual commotion of loved ones greeting each other, of kids running around screaming, and announcements constantly slicing through the chaos over the P.A. system. We see Devo Tremors come trudging up through the door and into the terminal. He’s exhausted. The duffel bag he carries by now appears much heavier than when we saw him in Boston. Maybe it’s all that sweat that’s pouring down his face. He’s still wearing the letterman jacket, although the wool cap has been smartly removed. He looks around helplessly, apparently too tired to enjoy the majesty that is Hawaii. HIW Representative Mikayla Rabinowitz sees him and heads over.]

Mikayla: Excuse me, Mr. Tremors?

Devo: Yes?

Mikayla: [extending her hand] I’m Mikayla Rabinowitz, from HIW. They sent me here to pick you up. Did you enjoy your flight?

Devo: [somewhat overwhelmed by everything] Uhhh… yes, thank you.

Mikayla: Great. Well, if you’ll just follow me, we’ll go gather up your luggage and head to the car. We’ve got some papers for you to sign and I’ll need to review your employment package with you. Also, they signed you for a match coming up in a week, a…. [she begins to sift through the myriad of papers she has since removed from her briefcase] …ah yes, a triple threat match which, you’ll be happy to know, is the main event for Tropical Storm next Thursday night. Your opponents will be “Cold Front” J.C. Ice and “The Prism” Jay Murray. You’ll find the necessary biographical information on both in the packet. Now, I’ve made a reservation for you at a small hotel, until you can get settled, so we’ll head there first. Any questions?

[By now, Devo has completely collapsed in a heap at her feet. Not that she noticed. She bends over to check on him, and seeing he is apparently asleep, shakes him gently in order to wake him.]

Mikayla: Mr. Tremors? Mr. Tremors.

[She finally succeeds in waking the poor lad, who snaps to attention with a muffled “hrmph”. She helps him to his feet where he makes every effort possible to keep his eyes open. It seems our friend Devo and Mr. Jet Lag have never met before. Well, there’s a first time for everything.]

Devo: Ah, listen. Do you mind if I get a soda or something? Like, I don’t think I’m gonna last much longer like this.

Mikayla: [after checking her watch for the umpteenth time] Um, sure. Let’s just make this quick. We have a lot to do today. Remember, it’s only 8 am here.

Devo: Great.

[The two make their way into a small newsstand located within the terminal and Devo drags his tired ass over to a small refrigerated case that holds assorted cold drinks. He grabs a Jolt Cola off the shelf, and thanks to his heightened state of semi-consciousness, gets smacked by the door as it closes. He shuffles his way to the counter and gets in a line that is already six people deep. One look at the overly-friendly native cashier explains why it’s not moving too fast. Seems he wants to personally welcome everyone to the “Island of Paradise”. Mikayla pulls up alongside Devo, and picks up her prep speech. The camera follows along, because hey, that’s why it’s there.]

Mikayla: Okay. As I’ve said, there are numerous things we need to do before you can take part in any matches, or have access to any of the facilities. I’ve scheduled a physical for you at 10:30, and the people in marketing are expecting you at 12:15. There may be time for lunch sometime around two-ish.

Devo: [swinging his tired head up with what little energy he possesses] What about breakfast?

Mikayla: No time for that, I’m afraid. Now…

[She continues her rundown of the day’s schedule, the details of which we don’t need. The line progresses slowly, until Devo is finally next in line. It is then that he sees it. His eyes suddenly go wide; the duffel bag drops from his bearhug-like grasp; he bends forward at the waist and leans in towards the counter. Suddenly, he jerks his head up and launches a question at the clerk, completely interrupting the gentleman’s telling of an ancient voodoo curse to a young Nebraskan woman.]

Devo: Excuse me. But how much are these?

Clerk: Pardon me, but I’m talking to this woman. I’ll be with you in a moment. [turning back to the young lady] So, as I was saying, when the moon is 3/4 full…

Devo: [interrupting] I’m sorry. But I really need to know. How much are these?

[He is nearly out of breath as he asks the question. Mikayla stands by, unsure what to make of the sudden excitement. The clerk, showing surprising wisdom, leans over the countertop to see just what it is that Devo is so fired up over. Unfortunately for us, both Devo and Mikayla are in the way, so we can’t see. Information gathered, the clerk leans back and replies…]

Clerk: Sixty cents, or two for a dollar. Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to finish my story.

Devo: No, sorry. Go ahead. Thank you!

[The clerk goes back to his story, although we only hear Devo, because hey, these camera’s are high quality stuff.]

Devo: Two for a dollar. That’s incredible. I would think they would be worth a lot more than that. I’m gonna buy ten.

[He piles the mysterious items on the counter, and the clerk, while never breaking from his mystical tale, rings them, and the Jolt Cola, through the register. Devo pays and takes his new bag of merchandise off the counter. As he and Mikayla continue walking, we can see that his bout with Jet Lag has apparently taken a back seat. He is walking briskly and confidently. He is no longer the worn down young man we saw getting off the plain. Now he is a very energetic, worn down young man.]

Devo: This is amazing. Who’d of thought I’d find what I was looking for so quickly. I mean, when that guy on the plane told me what it is I needed, I figured it would take weeks to find it, you know. To think, it’s all right here, and so cheap too. Wow! I’m gonna be a star in this federation after all. Nothing’s gonna stop me now.

Mikayla: [looking rather confused by the whole incident] Well, that’s great. We hope that all of our investments will be stars someday. [awkwardly trying to change the subject] So, why don’t we get your luggage, and then I can get you settled in and off to the doctor.

[The camera halts as we watch Mikayla and Devo head towards the escalator that will take them to luggage carousel. A steady parade of people pass before our view before the screen slowly fades out.]

**** Well, by now you’re probably wondering what it was that got Devo so excited. I’d tell ya, but that would ruin the surprise. Besides, I’m only a narrator, so it’s not really in my job description. I think. Either way, our little friend seems quite happy with his purchase, and it looks like his HIW career is ready to take off. Now we’ve just got to get him prepared for that upcoming match. It looks like a doozy.

Why don’t you check back in with us in a couple of days. Maybe by then we’ll have a better idea of what he’s up to. That young Mikayla woman seems to have him tied up for the rest of the day anyway. So we’ll see you again real soon. Deal? ****


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